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Kim Kardashian’s Lawyer Issues a Cease and Desist Letter to David Liebensohn


#kim Kardashian’s lawyer sends David lebenson a cysticist but it’s giving admission of guilt hello guys welcome back to my channel in this video we are going to talk about Kim Kardashian’s legal team sending Mr David live and son a cease and desist so if you’re not aware David live and Son the gentleman

That is on the screen he’s the one who created a sensogram and the allegations are Kim Kardashian allegedly stole sensogram from him and as such Kim ended up with the komoji app that was well that was making her more than a million dollars a day allegedly so David has

Since then 0 49 https colon slash slash watchquestionmark V equal sign undefined to equal sign 49 s lost his home his marriage and he has been living out of his car based on the allegations in several media Outlets report um on this matter from back in 2013 to 2014 you can

Do your checks you’ll find articles about this so David lay Benson as you know he has been protesting um Kim against Kim Kardashian he went to New York recently he was close to the um Museum of Arts where he said that if anyone wanted to join him in a

Peaceful protest he will be there now David wasn’t the only one who was outside the Museum protesting there were other people there on the day of the Met Gala protesting for different reasons however today I’m learning that Kim’s legal team since Mr labenson a cease and desist now

From what Mr liverson posed Mr lay Benson posted on Instagram for the cease and desist that he’s saying that Kim’s team said to him I have to be honest this season this is in my opinion it’s giving admission of guilt and you know when you’re sending someone cease and

This is and you can clearly outline what they’re doing and what you want them to stop doing this these sentences is not giving that it’s giving admission of guilt so we’re going to talk about it so from what I can see it says that Mr lay Benson we see that you

Have no posted false and deformatory material about Miss Kardashian and they include the link to the website Kim Kardashian ruined my life and are encouraging others to spread your defamatory statements please immediately cease and desist your misguided campaign against Miss Kardashian let’s pause there for a

Bit didn’t the daily meal reached out to Kim’s team and they allege that Mr labensen gifted them the company gifted Kim the company I’m gonna see if I can find that article to include that portion of it because I really don’t want to get any information Incorrect

And I don’t want to share any incorrect information with you guys so I’m going to look for that article and include that portion so that you and I can be on the same page right but let’s continue it says that please immediately cease and desist your misguided campaign against

Miss Kardashian I assume this is not even looking as still it’s coming from a lawyer or it could be something that was pre-typed and they just decided that they were gonna you know send it out like this so they’re saying that I assume you realize that the komoji

Business was not profitable and indeed has a um commutative net loss of approximately 244 thousand dollars so if let’s pause guys right let me see if that’s the yeah so if Mr labenson is saying to you guys that you stole this company from him are you admitting that he should have some

Type of software to track that you guys have lost some amount of money recently because why would you assume he realized the community business if he’s telling a lie why would he know something about komoji if he’s lying first to begin with and if his statements are deformatory

How would he understand anything about komoji and how kamoji Works David just needs a good lawyer to use the cease and desist against you all because this C sentences is an admission of guilt because how would he know what komoji is how much money it potentially makes in order for him to

Have an idea that it allow it has lost two hundred forty four thousand dollars so far how would he know that how would he know the profitability of komoji how would he know about komoji if his statements are defamatory you guys are admitting to guilt right here now let’s

Continue it says as such so sorry about that guys so he says as such there is no factual basis to your claim that you were denied some allege upside what does that mean so you’re admitting that the business lost 244 000 which he should be aware of and as such

You are saying that there’s no factual basis to exclaim is it that I’m not understanding because I know that I know what these words mean but I mean this is not making any sense this is sent us this year as such there’s no factual basis to your claim that you were denied

Some alleged upside so that means you’re admitting you stole the business from him and you gave him money and he’s asking you guys more what what are you guys saying now let’s continue guys so they’re saying that you act at your legal Peril should you fail to stop the

Famine Miss Kardashian which Kardashian are we talking about because remember there is more than one Kardashian so which Kardashian are you talking about there’s so many people that goes by the name of Kardashian the seasoned desist letter is not making any sense it’s not making any sense and if it’s actually

Coming from Kim’s legal team the only thing David need at this point to seal this deal is a good lawyer then it says all rights are reserved for Michael G Rhodes oh I don’t know this is giving copy and paste off the internet I have no idea what I’m talking about and

I believe that he has a good basis of this season this is to close the case without even going to court at this point I believe that this so-called season this is providing that it’s coming from Kim’s legal team is a valid ground for him to move in and get some

Closure on his case because what they’re saying in it it’s really not making any sense but guys I came across the video from David and I decided that I want to share it with you and David is also saying that once he’s not telling a lie he doesn’t have to listen to this

Cease and desist because he is evidence to what he’s saying so um also this man has lost so much already let’s keep it real right now if these allegations are 110 factual David has lost so much already what else does he have to lose to who is going to stop this man

From talking at this point when his mind is clearly made up no one the only time that this man will ever stop talking is whenever he gets the justice that he deserves if you throw him behind bars today he’s all tomorrow he’s gonna keep talking if you throw him behind bars his

Case is going to get more publicity so it’s not making any sense at this point but guys I really want to hear from you because I don’t like this season this is It’s given the sense that there was another deal there admitting there was another deal in

David is now asking for more money outside of that deal so I want to hear from you guys while you’re at it give this video a big thumbs up share if you care and see you all next time bye guys

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