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Kinkely B A Pan Africanist Singer From Senegal


All right all right all right yeah right now we are live and direct live and direct in senegal yes from kampala to synagogue right about now so um i’m introducing this gentleman straight from synego and we’re gonna be talking a lot about him his music when

Did he start what what is his plan what’s next what has he done so far and very very very many things about this gentleman he’s gonna be introducing himself in a bit but let me first do these commercials first they’re gonna be in luganda and it’s our local

Language here in uganda so please bear with my luganda if it is okay yeah okay um xavier products is Um starting from here please introduce yourself my brother yo i’m saying hello to everyone um right here and my name is my name is ken kelly b and it is is that is my artist’s name and my um you know my real name is ahmadu kasih

And basically i am from senegal and i’m a musician singer and um i’ve got some album out i’m i’m part of some festivals and the reason why i am here to share my um my experience and to introduce myself to to everybody who who are listening right now okay

Um let’s talk more let’s talk more of your music when did you start what were the challenges back in the days well i started music back to the end of the 90s okay right um and at that time i was doing hip hop okay and the senegal is a very famous uh

Um on that side the hip-hop hip-hop we started it very early um as as early as americans whoever so we developed rap in senegal and i started music by doing a rap and i was part of the group and the name of the group was a deep

Poet the poets like the poetry so i started up with poetry and then um and then that was to the we started up at the university so we were known as the first uh uh a rap group hip-hop group at the campus you know at the university of sierra center and then

And then we were really liked by the people and we dropped an album named mahazar back to 2005. so i started up like i said um end of the 90s drop out an album with my group deport um at 2005 and the name of the album was mahata

And then afterwards i moved from senegal to uk at the moment i’m talking to you um at the moment i’m at london you know whoa at the moment you you you you’re in the uk united in senegal no at the moment i’m not in senegal i’m

In the uk in london okay um yeah who are those people that inspired you who are those people that you know you looked up i don’t do well love i’ve got a lot of people inspiring me you know from musicians to to painters to to writers yeah um the

Musicians that inspired inspired me is really to be honest with you peter talks i love peter toss i like bob marley usually Lot of them and then in the in the hip-hop side as well i’ve been inspired by their prayers you know um tupac etcetera etcetera and then the writers i like see hunter job himself you know ahmad i like leaders that inspires me like nelson mandela And a lot more you know so basically i’m taking my inspiration and my motivation for from those great leaders okay um you started music back in the days um did you get any challenges are you on the right path and is your music moving the way you thought we would move

Yeah yeah well we started up um in africa and then afterwards we moved to europe and then there was a gap to be honest because when i just get in here i couldn’t come and straightaway start doing music the way i want it to um then

There was a gap i stayed like seven years that i wasn’t really producing anything i wasn’t putting anything out and then i started my solo career and then so i started to work again hard on music and then i worked for five years before i could uh put out my solo album

Which is political prisoners and that album is that album that revealed me to the whole to the whole world because that album is a really uh strong and powerful in message because it is not on the music it is music uh his message right and then so in 2019

11 of september 2019 i put out my my first album solo which is the political prisoners which is available on every and every uh uh streaming application like yeah platform every single um we’ve got some facebook as well some was from youtube and that they’ll be passing messages you know like

Very strong messages anyway on that album and i’ll be commending people um to try and listen to um to that album okay um have you got any awards are you nominated in any car uh in any uh any awards did you get any accolades along you know

The long the long journey in the music ah no not for now for now i haven’t got any of those um i don’t have physically any grammy awards or any uh any platinum and i wish it and i’m wishing and i’m walking towards that but um i think that

I’ve got i’ve got that in the heart of the people right because when i was doing my music uh my aim and my target wasn’t in my ambition wasn’t to have like to be nominated or something i just wanted to pass a message and do a music that is mine not

Um what i’m called it create something new and then pass a message and i think that that message is is going it’s going it’s getting through yeah and then i wasn’t trying to do a commercial mainstream mainstream music that is going to be uh giving me millions of

Views or etcetera etcetera so i’m not on that path me my music is natural simple i’m not part of those artists by views etc wearing lots of bling blings impressing all that no my music is for the awakening of the people for africa to get united all right for people

Vibes and yeah positive music music with soul music with roots you know music is very hard yeah music for the heart yeah basically yeah okay along the journey along the journey of um have you worked have you done any collaborations with known artists non-artists have you done with anyone

Yeah i’ve done lots of collaboration in the past with lots of well-known senegalese artists but for this album political prisoners i’ve done it really solo yeah i’ve got some some lots of good artists that wanted to participate but i’ve said them to to to stand by for

The second album coming um i would do some some some some tutoring with some artists but for this first one i want them to let me develop you know what i’m saying so my all my all my sights you know what i’m saying all my skills and talent you

Know sometimes i sing sometimes i thought sometimes i rap and then that’s it so and that’s it if you listen to that album this is what you’re going to be that’s going to capture you’re going to be saying oh this guy is doing it all himself because i wanted to show all my

All my sights because it was a long time we’ve been into music right and then pass a positive message you know very naturally across africa pan-africanism what you call it um spirit okay right now in the uk um yeah basically yeah um do you wish him easy to go international

Because when when someone is in the uk they always have links to bbc uh you know different media platforms have you tried it out yet are you planning to do with international artists collaborations what is your yeah they played they played my music on bbc plenty of time

But me when i’m saying international i am more focused on africa i am very happy to be spoken to to uganda’s people right now kampala and that is that is that is what makes me that is what really shaken my heart i’m from senegal i was making an

Interview the other day at goodies and then that was in ghana and then i’m doing the same thing today in in uganda and i think that that next week we’re going to be doing it on the radio station too you’re going to tomorrow by the way

And then and then you see i am already international and i am happy because my african brothers are embracing my music you know what i’m saying yeah exchanging and i can hear a little bit of the of that language that you were speaking before uh because me myself english is

My fourth language i’m from senegal and basically senegal is a french-speaking country but i’m just trying but i speak fulani and i don’t know if you know that then yeah i’ve just been yeah is it i think i think i read i read about it in the in

The history books fulani the fulani guy yeah absolutely um basically swahili is the most spoken of the language in africa and then afterwards there is another one and i think at the third place there is fulani if you speak fulani it’s like you got a passport you can go from ethiopia to

Cameroon and people would answer back but swahili is more spoken anyway but i’m just to let you know as well i’m international because at the moment we are preparing a big festival on the on the 30th of june right the 30th of june of july sorry 30th of july at the paul

Robinson territory center which is in here in london and then that that that festival is fired i wish i wish i could join you guys oh my god for sure yeah we do we do next next edition second edition we will do we’re trying to make you come in here and join us

Because this is what we want we want we want the whole continent to be represented at least every single country one representative and then and then and then we are we are we are we are we are doing a festival and that festival is based on ubuntu philosophy i

Don’t know if you heard about ubuntu and this is a tribe that is in south africa and then iva is a value you know and iber is just interdependent solidarity um backing up each other you know and then etcetera you know getting together united unification and all that so we’re

Using that either and then we translate it into like i am because we are so this is what i was standing for i am because we all okay you’re pushing you’re pushing the pan africanism has it got any problems with the you know the people receiving the message

Because you know we have different we have different people that are you know reacting to different information the way they want it yeah we have the white supremacists what they call them white what something supremacy yeah you know pan-africanism have you got any problem while you know spreading the word open africanism

Oh no way so being pan-africanism is very something very very positive you know even though the european people are encouraging us to do the pan-africanism because they are doing the europeanism anyway so this is why the eu stands for yeah um called the european union so this is

What the united states of africa stands for usa so we need to have as well our united states of africa you know what i’m saying but unfortunately we’re just talking about it but nothing is done towards this you’re not going to go in any country and you see this is the

Minister of of unification of africa you understand and africa must unify because we got a lot in common but unfortunately or even to communicate it also we need to speak english or or french or whatever and that is really funny so we have a lot of issues right and then it is only

For us to to to put our hands together to sort out those issues all right and then because the the clock is sticking and and it is very hot in there so we we have to join hands and shot ourselves fun africanism yeah i’m claiming it and

I’m charging it loud yeah okay before i let you go um do you have any people really you would love to send your shout outs to people that have been in you in your music career people that are helping you your current management in case you have and um

Lastly the railroad studio in case you know you know yeah the royal ritz yeah yeah that brave lady royal studio shout out to royal rupture studio big up on yourself milady a lot of blessings i mean shout out to nero and agency last naron to neil osborne right and to all

The people who would recognize me and i would i would just pass a message that africa is one one heart you know one love and then my name if you if you forget about it or maybe it if it is hard for you to to know it is kinky

Yeah ken kelly v and i can spell it out which is k i n k e l y and you make a space and you make a capital b and if you go on youtube or on every um streaming then you could listen to my music and maybe

Etc you can share it and you can find us on facebook and what’s up and see you tomorrow and be on the be tuned you know and we will pass on more and more messages so bless up to everybody okay thank you it’s a i’m ver i’m very humbled

In case by the way you have more information about the event i’ll be very glad to share it with you know the people in uganda people you know online because online cuts across when you post a video on youtube it doesn’t You

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