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Kodak Black Faces Potential Resumption of Previously Commuted Sentence After Recent Arrest


Plenty of strange happened between the world of politics and Hip Hop during the Trump era from his onstage appearance with Lil pump where he famously mistook his name for Lil pimp to Kanye West being invited to the White House which spawned numerous mem worthy moments but one of the most interesting moments came

When Trump faced pressure from the hip-hop Community to commute the sentence of Kodak Black he eventually C to that pressure and Kodak was released but following recent legal trouble Kodak Black may end up having to serve that sentence anyway last month Kodak was found in his car with the

Engine still running and signs of alcohol marijuana and cocaine present as a result he was arrested and charged with a number of crimes headlined by cocaine possession he’s been in jail ever since and will remain there for two more weeks until a hearing to evaluate reinstating his previously commuted

Sentence according to all hip hop that hearing is due to take place on January 22nd it could result in the sentence that Trump delayed being served anyway Kodak Black could serve previously commuted sentence after his arrest kodc lawyers filed for a 90-day drug treatment program it was an attempt to try and

Help the rapper overcome addiction issues but it was only a few days later that the judge shut down that proposal in his decision he described Kodak as a danger to the community that decision came after codc lawyers attempted to dispute the cocaine charges they claimed that what police

Thought was cocaine was actually per cetes despite that claim the judge wasn’t any more likely to allow him to enter the drug treatment program and hasn’t yet altered the original charges Kodak released his last album when I was dead in November of last year the project featured the hit song Let me see

Which has more than 8 million streams on Spotify what do you think of Kodak Black having to potentially serve a commuted sentence 4 years later let us know in the comment section below

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