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Kodak Black Lawyers Seek 90 Day Drug Treatment, He Remains In Federal Custody


No matter how dire things get for Kodak Black at times his loyal fans continue to root for his success as blogs began reporting that the Love and War artist is in federal custody a few days ago concern for his well-being is on the rise today December

19th Yak was in a Miami Federal Court with his attorney speaking with a judge about his alleged probation violation NBC Miami reports that the embattled Entertainer borne Bill Capri had handcuffs on for the dur of the session during which his legal team presented the possibility of a 90-day drug treatment program in

Arizona the attorney said black was facing addiction to peret and Oxycodone after a brutal Kentucky prison beat down in 2020 authorities aren’t on board with the idea mostly because it’s outside the jurisdiction and probation officers would have no control over what he’s doing Kodak Black might spend Christmas

Behind Bars the judge in court deferred the final decision to a contemporary who’s overseeing Black’s case while they wait for updates the Broward County born star is remaining in federal custody prior to this incident he was doing incredibly well considering his past criminal streak as 2022 began Kodak was arrested on

Trespassing charges in pompo beach in 2020 Donald Trump used his last day in office to Grant the 26-year-old a pardon approximately halfway through his three-year sentence for specifying documents used to purchase weapons spending Christmas isn’t The Slammer isn’t an ideal situation for anyone but especially not Kodak Black now that he’s

Got a pregnant fiance at home waiting for him after bonding out of jail earlier this month the Florida native went live on IG to address a few things at which time he shared the exciting news with his followers read more about yak’s growing family at the link below and check back

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