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Kylie Jenner Faces Backlash For Daughter Stormi Having Rolex


Welcome back to our Channel where we dive into the Glamorous world of the Rich and Famous today we have a story that’s been making headlines Kylie Jenner’s daughter stormy and her extravagant Rolex watch let’s get into the details in a recent Tick Tock video Kylie Jenner gave fans a peek into her

Luxurious Lifestyle by revealing stormy’s very own Rolex watch the gold timepiece originally belonging to Kylie was adjusted to fit stormy’s tiny wrist but what caught everyone’s attention was the controversy surrounding a five-year-old wearing such a high-end accessory as expected stormy’s Rolex sparked a heated debate on social media some praised Kylie’s Indulgence calling

Stormy a style icon at such a young age however others expressed their disbelief questioning the need for a child to have such an expensive item comets poured in with one user exclaiming stormy wears Rolex watches and I don’t even own one this incident is not the first time

Kylie has faced criticism for flaunting her lavish lifestyle she often shares glimpses of her life with stormy and her one-year-old son showing off extravagant gifts and celebrations just last week she celebrated stormy’s Pre-K graduation posting a heartwarming photo of herself gazing into her daughter’s eyes with a bouquet of roses in hand

In a recent interview Kylie opened up about the joys of motherhood and her future plans for expanding her family when asked about having more children Kylie revealed I don’t have a number in my mind some women do but I don’t really have a plan I think that whatever

Happens is meant to happen it seems like Kylie is keeping her options open for a big family Kylie Jenner’s glamorous lifestyle always manages to capture the attention of millions her daughter stormy’s Rolex watch has caused quite a stir with opinions ranging from admiration to criticism while some see it as a display

Of wealth and privilege others questioned the appropriateness of a young child owning such a luxurious item what are your thoughts on this controversy let us know in the comments below thank you for tuning in to our Channel if you enjoyed this video make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for

More captivating stories from the world of celebrities until next time stay glamorous

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