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Lack of Power Limits Learning at Napak Seed School


Napak Seed Secondary School is struggling to conduct studies over the lack of electricity.

According to students, they cannot attend preps, or ICT lessons, and there are risks of insecurity due to the absence of electricity at school. 

Zachary Kodet, a student at Napak Seed School noted that sometimes they are forced to use torches for reading during prep time.  Kodet said that this has also affected their academic performance and darkness at school exposes them to security threats. 

He urged the government and well-wishers to consider supporting the school with a solar system.

Walter Iriama, another student noted that the lack of electricity has largely affected their academic activities.  He said that they use one laptop computer belonging to one of the teachers for ICT lessons and this does not provide them with the knowledge they deserve. 

Iriama expressed fears that they may not be able to perform well academically if some of the challenges are not addressed with immediate effect. 

Daniel Kayma, the head teacher of Napak Seed School acknowledged the power crisis stating that it has affected the entire school’s activities.  Kayma said that the school managed to procure a solar system that only powers the administration block and one classroom.

He noted that the government offered the school computers unfortunately they are still lying idle due to a lack of power.  

Kayma also raised concern over the lack of dormitories for the learners. He says that they were forced to turn classrooms for accommodation to keep students at school. 

Kayma noted that they have a total enrollment of 250 learners and the school may not admit students in the next year due to lack of space. 

He also observed that the teachers also lack accommodation, which forces them to share facilities while others rent in the trading center that is far away from school.


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Lack of Power Limits Learning at Napak Seed School

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