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Latto’s New Song Teases Low Body Count, Garners Praise from Male Fans


L shared a snippet of a new song this week that has left a number of her male fans praising one bar in particular shared in a carousel post on Sunday January 7th that featured the 777 rapper in a shirt that reads ex virgin lto cuts the preview off right after she wraps

Anyway body counts so low I might say I’m a virgin when it was reposted to academics page that bar seemingly proved to be the highlight for quite a lot of male listeners body count so low I might say I’m a virgin it’s a flex to have a low

Body count females pay attention one person wrote another person said I’m all for low body count waps while a third added the ladies gone skip that last part others commenting simply praised the song overall with comments including Shew ASF and actually talented love her the beginning of that beat made me feel like

A pimp and not NGL she slide every time the term body count refers to the amount of people a person has slept within their lifetime and often women are ashamed for having what one would consider a high number while men don’t often face the same standard for what

It’s worth Jack harlo recently revealed he’s not holding high body counts against any woman he’s interested in missionary Jack appeared as a special guest on Cameron and Madar s it is what it is in November and was asked about what he looks for in a potential partner which led to a body count

Conversation the thing about history is it often indicated a woman knows what she’s doing harlo explained so it don’t bother me too much that’s how I look at it cam bluntly replied to which harlo said you seem like the type I like that about you haro’s views are much

Different to that of boozy badass who recently reacted to Britney renner’s admission of having sex with over 35 men that’s kind of not adding up he told Vlad TD I could have believed her but when she said three in one night I had to start multiplying that’s too many if you fa

Ask me that 35 you a ho I don’t want no that’s slept with 35 and gas you’ve at least been burnt seven times boozy has at children with six different

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