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Lil Durk has revealed that he cut Kanye West from his upcoming album almost healed despite the Chicago rap Legends genius contributions during an interview with academics off the Record podcast smirk shared that Kanye LED vocals in production to multiple songs for his forthcoming project but he ultimately decided against using them he actually

Did my whole album Dirk said of ye but I ain’t use it he like tweaked with the beat he put some vocals behind some Beats he played with a couple records I must say that he played with a couple records he did some genius he added I had went to the hotel where

He was at he was actually in a good headspace I guess all the that was going on with him was getting to him but he definitely in a good space Dirk and Kanye’s unreleased collaborations might not remain on The Cutting Room floor forever though as the

OTF rapper hinted at saving them for a potential deluxe edition of almost healed I’m trying to see if I can come back with some genius with it man and double my sales he teased elsewhere in the interview Lil Durk delved deeper into his relationship with Kanye West explaining they had a slight

Disagreement back in 2021 during the making of donda Dirk recalled Kanye inviting him to the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta to record vocals for the album Dirk featured on Jonah but he was taken aback when he saw ruga a rival Chicago rapper who appeared on okay okay there as well

When I look up and I see what’s going on I’m like what the I don’t think he knows how serious this is he said you walking in there and that’s you just your whole album roll out up yes like I’m trying to get this together

And I’m just like I don’t want no parts of it that’s why I wasn’t on donda too according to smirk the move was part of Kanye’s plan to bring the piece back to Chicago but he had to inform the Yeezy Mogul that such a lofty ambition is

Easier said than done as rappers don’t have the final say-so when it comes to Street matters in the city it wasn’t never like him for Life Dirk continued I had a conversation with him afterwards and he was like I want to bring the piece back to Chicago

I want to do this do this do that and I had to tell him it ain’t easy like you think when happened behind certain it’s not that easy so I still talk to him despite turning down the opportunity to appear on donda 2 Lil Durk still ended

Up working with Kanye West last year on cardi B’s hot single which featured the windy city Duo Dirk also brought out Yi as a surprise guest at rolling LAB Miami Last Summer where he performed father stretch my hands pt1 ironically the good music founder was due to headline the festival until he

Dropped out of the last minute and was replaced by friend turned foe kid Cuddy although almost healed won’t feature Kanye’s Midas Touch the standard edition at least the album has no shortage of star power as it boasts appearances from Jay Cole future 21 Savage Kodak Black and the late juice World among others

Behind the boards Dirk has enlisted Heavy Hitters like Metro Boomin Southside Wheezy zaytoven ATL Jacob and even Alicia Keys the project drops Friday May 26th

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