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Lizzo Heartbroken After Beloved Dog Pooka Passes Away


Fans have seen countless celebrities taking part in holiday festivities this week but unfortunately lizo is in the process of mour the songstress took to social media earlier this week to reveal that she’s lost her pet dog pukka it’s unconfirmed what led to her beloved pups passing she’s made it clear however that

The loss has been difficult to swallow she took to Instagram yesterday to share a variety of photos of herself and loved ones posing with pukka I’m not okay I’m so heartbroken rip PKA she captioned the carousel countless fans have come through with words of support as she reckons with the animals passing noting

How difficult losing a pet can be we will always love you Puka damante Jefferson lizo captioned another sweet shot of her and the dog 410 2005 1224 2023 lizo says goodbye to pukka well the loss of her pet has certainly put a damper on the juice performers holiday it’s not the only unfortunate

Circumstance plaguing her as of late earlier this year she was hit with a lawsuit from various former backup dancers who accused her of sexual harassment and other workplace misconduct she since moved to have the documents sealed though the judge has yet to rule on the motion her team argues that documents corresponden and

Testimony that contains sensitive confidential information and or proprietary business information including employee compensation contract negotiation and third party sensitive contact information should not be available to the public after addressing the allegations and denying any wrongdoing lizo shared last month that she’s in the process of self-improvement I’m working on music

Myself relationships with people and food my anxiety my body my business and my trust issues with the world but they are deep now deeper than they’ve ever been she revealed fans can only hope that their support combined with the love of family and friends will help lizo move forward

After the loss share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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