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Mario have voiced their displeasure after the singer posted a video of a non-black woman who appears to be someone he’s dating taking to his Instagram story on Tuesday December 26th the Let Me Love You singer shared a video of a woman in his passenger seat as Lauren Hills the sweetest thing

Played in the car captioning the clip with heart emojis when the video was reposted to the neighborhood talk fans in the comments had some thoughts over the fact the woman did not appear to be black her actual race and ethnicity are currently unknown these an asterisk GIS gas are

Really allergic to black women one person wrote while another person said we not coming to your rescue when it All Falls Down someone else added don’t call BLK women when she called the P Bro and using Lauren Hill the most Pro black women in history to sing to Acky is

Crazy another comment read LOL I never seen Mario with a black woman I don’t know why y’all are surprised laughing emoji he seems like he only likes Becky not all comments were negative however people got to find love where they can clapping Emoji God bless one person wrote while another chimed in

Writing y got to stop hating she’s gorgeous this isn’t the first time Mario has felt the Wrath of the internet over the summer the singer faced some serious backlash after it was revealed he wrote a letter in support of Tory Lanz ahead of his sentencing in the Megan the stallion shooting case

Mario was one of over 70 people who penned a letter to tor’s judge who ultimately sentenced the rapper/singer to 10 years imprison for firing several shots at the Houston hottie in July 2020 wounding her feet in the letter which was written on July 26th and obtained by

Law and crime reporter Megan cuni Mario described Tori as a stand-up individual who cares about his family deeply and loves to give back to his community I have never seen Tori act out of character in in a manner to hurt someone he wrote in part later adding

The situation at hand comes as a surprise to so many of us who know Tori personally after news of Mario’s letter spread social media users were quick to criticize him for supporting Lanz who was found guilty of shooting Megan back in December I can’t believe Mario wrote

A letter for Tor Lanes sir how could you wrote One disappointed fan on Twitter why would Tori think a letter from Mario would have any significance on his trial another person joked like I got tears in my eyes FS the fact that igy aelia steflon Dawn and Mario all wrote letters basically saying

Well I’ve never personally seen Tori be abusive so he couldn’t possibly be it’s just not in his character y’all so stupid and disgusting someone else added Mario and Tor Lanz previously collaborated on the latter’s chick stap 5 song The Cry in 2019 which was a revamp of the former’s 2006 hit crying out

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