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Martin Lawrence Reveals Someone Tried To K!ll Jamie Foxx


Martin Lawrence has broken his silence on Jamie Foxx’s mysterious medical condition and fans are saying Jaime’s situation is very similar to Martin’s Infamous 1996 breakdown when he claims someone tried to kill him so many things that black people have been through and the comedians that that represent other

Culture you know we represent the culture from our pain Jamie Foxx is still in the hospital recovering from an undisclosed and serious medical condition fans are getting increasingly worried for Jaime because they’re so much speculation in the media about his condition and yet no one knows for sure

What happened in fact one Insider recently told people that although Jaime is awake and alert not even doctors know what happened to him and they’re still running tests trying to figure it out in the meantime celebs have started speaking out on Jaime’s hospitalization and their reactions raised even more

Concerns because it seems like Jaime’s closest friends are in the dark about his condition but the most disturbing part about the story are rumors they recently popped up claiming that someone tried to take Jamie’s life and now then Martin Lawrence is speaking out on Jaime’s situation fans are speculating

That the powers that are in Hollywood are controlling celebs who try to break free of their control what is happening in Hollywood better got it tough will be on the street waving a gun screaming they are trying to kill me yeah so what is going on what did Martin Lawrence say

About Jaime’s situation it’s been over two week Fox was admitted to a hospital in Atlanta after suffering a mysterious medical complication now it’s completely understandable that Jamie’s family wants to protect his privacy at this moment but was strange is that over the past few days there’s been an uptick

In celebs posting about Jaime on social media and reminiscing about their favorite moments together as if is no longer around you have to admit it is really bizarre because if Jamie’s family asked for privacy and if his really recovering why are Jamie’s celebrity friends sharing all these tributes on

Social media fans are now really worried about Jamie because judging by all the posts from celebs it sounds like Jaime is still not out of the woods one fan wrote this entire Jamie Fox mystery illness is one of the oddest things I’ve seen recently neither his PR team nor

His family have released any details of what happened yet I keep reading news articles of celebrity tributes to him so strange but what’s even more strange is that disturbing rumors recently popped up claiming that the police are now involved in this case because someone allegedly tried to take

Jaime’s life one fan on Twitter claimed that Jamie Foxx told the cops somebody tried to kill him and added I’m telling you man it’s like they have a timer on the celebs lives I believe him but where did these rumors even come from why would someone want to take Jaime’s life

While going back to Martin Lawrence many fans are starting to point out the chilling similarities between Jamie’s hospitalization and Martin’s Infamous 1996 incident in May 1996 Martin was arrested after being found wandering in the middle of a busy La intersection holding a gun and screaming there trying to kill me the

Tabloids were quick to label Martin as a crazy drug addict however Martin later claimed that the media totally exaggerated his substance use while Martin didn’t deny that illegal substances played some part in his past incidents he also claimed that most of the stories being pushed in the media were completely fabricated including the

Reports that he suffered from bipolar disorder they made up a lot of things to sell a better story Martin said you don’t know what it’s like until you’ve been through it interestingly this is also very similar to what Kanye West went through in 2016 when he was hospitalized and put under a psychiatric

Halt TMZ reported at the time that Kanye suffered some kind of episode while at the house of his former personal trainer Harley Pastor net together with Kanye’s personal physician at the time Dr Michael flowersam called 9-1-1 telling them to bring the paramedics because Kanye would definitely need to be

Hospitalized I’m actually one of his doctors I’m just calling for my cell phone to request that we can have some police backup because I don’t think the paramedics you know people bring both yes I think his definitely is going to need to be hospitalized so I wouldn’t

Just see the police by itself but what’s crazy about this is that last year when Kanye found himself under backlash for exposing Shady Hollywood Executives Harley Pasternak texted Kanye and threatened that he would institutionalize him again and sent him back to Zombieland I hadn’t institutionalized again where they

Medicate the crap out of you and you go back to Zombieland forever play date play date with the kids just won’t be the same this is the way a Hollywood a Hollywood trainer was talking to me so if Harley threatened Kanye that he would send him back to an institution does

This mean he orchestrated Kanye’s first hospitalization well this certainly makes you wonder if Martin also suffered a breakdown back in 1996 because someone tried to institutionalize him or worse and then when they didn’t succeed they started pushing this narrative that his mentally ill after all we can’t forget that Martin’s longtime friend Dave

Chapel openly blamed Hollywood for what happened to Martin and he said that someone as strong as Martin would never snap like that for no reason so let me ask you this what is happening in Hollywood better got it tough will be on the street waving a gun screaming

They are trying to kill me what’s going on why is Dave Chappell going to Africa why does Mariah Carey make a 100 million dollar deal and take her clothes off on T isle is it a weak person cannot get to sit here and talk to you ain’t no weak

People talking to you so what is happening in Hollywood nobody knows but if someone is really trying to take out these celebs or make it look like they’re crazy why would they do that too Jamie Foxx one of the most unproblematic men in Hollywood while Jaime’s fans are now speculating that Jaime recently

Tried to break free from the Hollywood higher-ups and take control of his career a few years ago Jaime announced that he would be directing his first movie a sports comedy called All-Star Weekend starring himself Robert Downey Jr Eva Longoria Jeremy Pittman Gerard Butler and Benicio del Toro by 2020 the

Filming was done and the movie was already in post-production however in August 2022 news broke that Jamie’s directorial debut was indefinitely shelved and would never see the light of day and while it was never revealed exactly why the film was shelved there’s been a lot of speculation in the media

That Jaime crossed a certain line of jokes he wrote for the movie and was punished by having his movie taken away from him in fact Jaime himself recently hinted that the rise of Castle culture was the reason he wasn’t allowed to release the movie it’s been tough with

The lay of the land of Comedy Jamie toad Cinema Blend we’re trying to break open those sensitive Corners where people go back to laughing again so basically it looks like all of this boils down to corporate control it’s why Dave Chappell turned down a 50 million dollar deal from Comedy Central While Martin

Lawrence was banned from SNL and NBC shortly before his so-called breakdown and is also why Kanye said he fell free when Adidas cut ties with him and took away his lucrative contract for everyone in contracts I know that this will never happen again in history there will

Never be a situation where people and a multi-billion dollar deal off of a tweet gotcha gotcha so I would like to thank everyone that was involved with this negotiation thank God no one was hurt in the process and I feel free and while this is all still pure speculation we

Can’t rule out that something similar happened to Jamie Fox at the end of the day we know that most celebrities have very little control over their careers and people with real power are the ones making decisions for them but does this mean that these powerful individuals would actually make

A celebrity disappear if they tried to break free from their control well that’s certainly been a popular Theory amongst fans for a while and after Martin Lawrence recently spoke out on Jaime’s hospitalizations his comment reignited the conversation about Hollywood Elites and the control they wheeled over celebs Extra TV recently

Caught up with Martin to ask him what he knows about Jaime’s condition and though Martin said he heard that Jaime was doing better you could tell that he was still very concerned and confused about the whole situation well I hear he’s doing better you know from what I hear and my prayers

Go out for him every night and just wishing the best for him one of the best that we got in Hollywood not only one of the best entertainers but a good person many fans are now saying Jaime’s hospital is a nation reminded them of Martin’s 1996 breakdown and there was

Someone out there is trying to take Jaime from us this is the first thing I thought about as soon as I heard the news one fan said we’d be dying to get into Hollywood but it ain’t safe there either especially if you’re not going to do what you’re told

In another fan commented they slipped Martin something he is not the same just a shelf they’re trying to do that to Jaime but how do you feel about all these theories surrounding Jamie’s hospitalization is someone really trying to take out celebrities who refuse to be controlled let us know what you think in

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