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Megan Thee Stallion Shines in Electrifying New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Performance


Overnight hundreds of different New Year celebrations took place all over the world but for Americans there’s no bigger celebration than Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rock and Eve the show is attended by thousands in the heart of New York City with Millions more watching from home aside from the ball dropping at

Midnight the biggest highlight of the festivities is the performances the show typically attracts some of the biggest talents in all of music and this year was no different this year pop singer Sabrina Carpenter breakout R&B star Tyla and Country hit maker jelly roll all took the stage but

The biggest highlight of the night was an energetic performance from Megan the stallion she performed her 2020 Mega hit Savage alongside standout songs from her last album like her and body Megan also delivered a rendition of her newest single Cobra much to the Delight of fans and attendance she and her backup dancers

Performed hard-hitting choreography in matching purple outfit completing the vision of the impressive performance Megan the stallion on New Year’s Eve Megan the stallion dropped her first solo single of the Year Cobra a few months ago since then she’s appeared on a few soundtrack cuts the biggest is her song not my fault the

Track sees Megan crossing paths with emerging pop star Renee rap and it’s due to land on the soundtrack for the upcoming remake of Mean Girls Megan the stallion is also set to appear on the next season of flix’s animated comedy big mouth in conjunction with her role

She recorded an original song for the show The song is called p asteris guesss y don’t lie and hit streaming a few weeks ago it follows another appearance Megan made in the a24 film D asterisk CK’s the musical she also recorded an original song for the soundtrack of that

Movie what do you think of Megan the stallion’s performance during New Year’s Rock and Eve who was your favorite performer of the night let us know in the comment section below

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