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Megan Thee Stallion Shows Off Extravagant Cobra Chain


After a relatively quiet first half of the Year musically Megan the stallion has been dropping material pretty consistently across the past few months while she’s contributed to various soundtracks and appeared as a feature on her long- awaited second Crossover with cardi B Bongos she’s only released one

Song of her own that track is Cobra which sees Megan digging into her feelings and getting personal on some issues she’s had recently while still delivering her trademark intensity now she’s leaning into the repti themes on the track she shared a video to her Instagram story showing off

Her new chain it’s a take on the or B’s imagery of a snake eating itself but done with a cobra in reference to her recent release she also shared a follow-up picture preempting fan comments about her birthmark and you not a real hottie if you didn’t know my

Birthmark is on my neck not a dang hickey she captioned the second picture Megan the stallion’s Cobra necklace just today another new song with Megan involved drop the track is called not my fault and sees the rapper teaming up with breakout singer and actress Renee

Rap the track is due to appear on the soundtrack for the upcoming film Mean Girls the film also Stars rap in the lead role it’s the second soundtrack cut Megan has dropped this year she also contributed to the dicks the Musical soundtrack while also playing a role in

The film itself Megan is also somehow still dealing with the Fallout from the notorious shooting incident between her and Tori Lanz tor’s driver recently released a statement claiming that one of Megan’s friends Kelsey Harris was holding the gun that eventually shot her in the foot later that night Megan

Fervently denied the implication that it was actually Harris who shot her what do you think of Megan the stallion’s new chain inspired by her recent single Cobra let us know in the comment section below

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