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Megyn Kelly slams Kim Kardashian for bringing North West to Met Gala


Megan Kelly blast Kim Kardashian for taking daughter Northwest to the Met Gala hello guys welcome back to my channel in this video we’re going to talk about Megan Kelly blasting Kim Kardashian for taking her daughter Northwest to the megalan now it was no secret that North was there with Kim and

In an interview while Kim was on the red carpet Kim said that North was left in the car now please note that Met Gala is not for kids no one under the age of 18 is permitted to walk on the red carpet but um we caught North in some footages and

As such social media was reacting to that saying that Kim should have Kim should have left the child at home not just that many people were outraged knowing that it is a space for adults only and there were people there who were inappropriate inappropriately dressed for kids to see but Kim knowing

Of that still did not leave the child at home and as such Megyn Kelly is weighing in on this as well I’m gonna go ahead and play that clip for you guys from Megan Kelly then I’ll get back with the rest of my commentary I’m not spending any time on

Kim Kardashian I can’t do it as she brought her nine-year-old daughter not with her to the gala but like in the car to watch her walk off I guess I am going to spend a minute on it like is that what you want your daughter to see you

Doing you want her to see like basically wearing next to nothing parading into the Met Gala that’s what you’re proud of okay I’m fine some of us brought our kids to presidential debates and thought that might make a nice impression um I went to the Met Gala I’ve

Been to these events many I don’t take my kid who brings their kid to go watch them well walk the red carpet I’m sorry but it’s gross well I understand that if many of us had the opportunity to do the same we would have done the same Vista

Does not excuse the fact that taking the child to such an event is definitely not appropriate and that is exposing the child to too much too early and it can definitely be a lot because when social media gets involved to the point where people are critiquing this child’s end

Dragging the mom in the process that is definitely a lot and we don’t know what access this child has to social media is it that North are going to see these comments about her about her mom and how people feel about the family family overall so as such I believe that Kim

Needs to you know just make a conscious decision and keep the child out of these spaces because people will always have an opinion and she won’t be able to control how people feel about her actions Kim may see what she did is nothing wrong but the rule is therefore

A reason and why bend them why break them why there should be an exception for Kim Kardashian knowing that the event had a lot of people who were inappropriately dressed Etc so by no means it is you no convenient for a child to see take for example the manner

In which little Nas X was dressed that wasn’t appropriate for a child to see and at that point Kim cannot blame them at gala because she was aware that no child is permitted not even the child stars are permitted to go on that red carpet so there should have

Been no exception to North that is not as North as a designer right a very young designer who has made some amazing pieces and as such you know she had to be there for whatever reason it is that’s definitely not even the case so as such we definitely have to call out

Kim Kardashian here for this one because she’s the one who’s pushing the child um in these major events she’s the one who is using the child for clout and media relevance and that was one of the most popular comments that we could see on social media wherein people were

Saying that Kim only brought North to the megala for cloud and media attention and that is something that you cannot deny because when it reaches to the point where many of us predicted that Kim is going to take North to the megali because Kim’s relevance is fading and

She knows that if she takes northie there it will have the media buzzing people will be talking about her and Kim does not care if she gets dragged because her main thing is that but once she’s been talked about then the mission would have been accomplished gold achieve right so she intentionally did

This because I believe that everything that is now happening is exactly what she wanted exactly what she expected and as such when Megan Kelly is going in on her she’s going to laugh she’s going to sit there watching she’s going to not not in approval she’s going to want to

See who else is talking about it what are they saying and if anyone sees anything unpleasant she’s gonna say you know what say whatever you want Northeast there we were there and you’re talking about us you’re jealous because that is Kim’s attitude that is her behavior even though she’s getting older it doesn’t

Mean that she is mature Kim gives often gives off childish behavior childish attitude is still you know she believes is still if she can’t his acting childish it’s going to do something amazing you know for her and while she may get the results that she desires at

Times it will not always work out in her favor I believe that this is gonna blow up in her face and chances are if the child discovers that the mother is using her for clothes or relevance when she gets older it can be a bigger problem for Kim

I just hope that it’s not but it can definitely be but it doesn’t matter what we talk about because Kim is going to still do it as I’ve said to you guys a couple weeks ago no matter what we see if people do not stand up she is still

Going to do so she’s going to continue using the child and here we are today she is still doing it so I believe that you know the event organizers needs to reinforce these rules and I believe that you know her father needs to step in and let him know her boundaries as a

Mom so that she can stop exploiting this child for her personal gain and attention but guys this is all I want to share in this video with you guys let me know what your thoughts are well Megan Kelly blasting Kim Kardashian for taking North to the Michaela knowing that no

Kids are allowed at the event while you’re at it give this video a big thumbs up share if you care and see you all next time bye guys bye guys

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  1. @janeoleary8454 says

    Ridiculous family

  2. @junesmith1446 says

    Ms Kim of course is going to bring her daughter. It's a family affair. Nothing better then Mother Daughter time.

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