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Miss Universe Finalist Sienna Weir Dead At 23


The tragic death of Miss Universe finalist Sienna Weir Sienna Weir one of the finalists at the 2022 Miss Universe Pageant has died at age 23. the New York Post reports according to the outlet where’s death comes a few days after suffering a fall while horseback riding sadly after spending two days on life

Support the young model succumbed to her injuries forever in our hearts scoop management the modeling agency we’re worked with wrote in an Instagram tribute in the wake of her tragic death many of Weir’s loved ones have taken to social media to pay their tributes you are forever the angel we always knew

Beaming with so much joy looking above us touching the hearts of everyone who was lucky to have met you her friend Sophia rainel penned the hardest goodbye I have ever said you had the brightest Shining Light you are irreplaceable you were a real-life Angel another pal Krista Ranson wrote in Weir’s memory

According to the New York Post before her death were was planning to move to the UK where she hoped to spend more time with her family and Advance her career model and equestrian Siena where passes away after injuries from horse riding accident on Thursday Siena were tragically passed away after being taken

Off of life support following a horse riding accident at Windsor polo grounds in Australia the 23-year-old was a model and equestrian who was reportedly one of the 27 finalists for the 2022 Australian Miss Universe Pageant Siena was a Sydney native who was passionate about English literature particularly Gothic poetry

She had been studying for a double degree in English literature and psychology at Sydney University and worked as an editor for a social worker while continuing her modeling career Siena had a deep love for equestrian Sports and had been riding horses since she was three years old

She trained and competed in rural Sydney two to three times a week and would travel around New South Wales and broader Australia every other weekend to train or compete in an interview with Gold Coast magazine in September 2022 Siena shared her passion for horse riding saying my family aren’t quite

Sure where this passion came from but I can’t imagine my life without it she had hoped to move to London in the next few years to be closer to her family especially her sister niece and nephews

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