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Missy Elliott And Rapsody Headline Queen Latifah Tribute At Kennedy Center Honors


Earlier this week the Kennedy Center Honors took place the event seeks to highlight and pay tribute to some of the most significant contributors to pop culture around this time one of the honores was Queen Latifa and the legendary female MC had a talented roster of artists contributing to her

Tribute generations of talented rappers came together to speak to the significance of her influence it began with Missy Elliott who has some recent history with Latifa early this year Elliot was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame becoming the first ever female rapper to join the

Ranks during her induction ceremony she received a poetic tribute from Latifa as a part of her introduction Missy spoke to hearing some of Queen latifa’s earliest Hits and The Influence they had on the music she would go on to make MC light and money love took the stage next to perform one

Of those classic songs ladies first then finally rapid brought the house down with her condition of latifa’s song just another day as a finale Missy Elliot pays tribute to Queen Latifa it’s fitting that Missy Elliot would end off her 2023 honoring a legend she spent most of the Year being honored herself

The biggest moment came during her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction not only did numerous celebs show up to induct her in person but dozens more online expressed their admiration for her work and revealed how she influenced so many the praise has hasn’t slowed down either just earlier

This week Trina heralded Missy as one of the greats alongside Lil Wayne her influence on hip-hop itself is also still pretty visible a few months ago Lil Durk shared a teaser with fans which made prominent use of a Missy sample what do you think of the speech Missy

Elliot gave and the performance Rap City contributed to Queen latifa’s Kennedy Center Honor ceremony let us know which performance was your favorite in the comment section below

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