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Mpuuga to table reform motion in Parliament, wants more youths



Embattled Nyendo Mukungwe legislator, Mathius Mpuga Nsamba, says he is about to complete consultations to table a motion on constitution and Electoral reforms in Parliament as time nears for the 2026 elections.

Speaking to the media Wednesday at Parliament, that he is seeking to trim the size of parliament to march with the size of the country’s economy and ensure that the country has a sizeable purposeful parliament.

Former leader of opposition further said the reforms also aim at bringing more youth to Parliament since they are the majority according to the recent national census. They are also seeking to amend the composition of the Electoral Commission and the legislation on the transition of power.

Mpuuga said that he has been meeting stakeholders and colleagues in Parliament both in NRM and Independents on the reforms and were all positive and is planning for the civil society and a forum of MPs for a wide ranging debate on the reforms.

He said the reforms are aimed at paving for a smooth transition of power from President Museveni and change the look of Uganda’s Parliament.

Mpuuga also attacked the current opposition which he said is disorganized and cannot contribute to the chaos of the transition though there is no sign that Museveni or the NRM will leave power.


Mpuuga to table reform motion in Parliament, wants more youths

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