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Museveni promotes 898 UPDF soldiers


President Museveni who is also the commander in chief of the armed forces in Uganda has promoted 898 UPDF soldiers to different ranks.In a statement by the UPDF spokesperson, Brig Felix Kulaygiye, among those promoted are five colonels who are now at the rank of brigadier, 15 lieutenant colonels to colonels  , 10 majors to lieutenant colonel and 155 lieutenants to captain while 650 second lieutenants are now lieutenants .In the same message, the president has confirmed 20 senior and junior ranks.With the recent launch of the UPDF Establishment 2021 which created a  new organizational structure of the UPDF, the promotions are meant to be in line with the new structure.The establishment also ensured the UPDF is made up of four services including the Land Forces which is described as the army, Air forces, reserve forces and special forces and therefore the promotions are meant to ensure office holders are up to the required ranks.

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