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Naomi Osaka Praises Cordae For Helping Make Parenting Easy


Naomi Osaka has heaped praise upon cordi for his role in parenting their daughter who was born earlier this year we built a really good foundation I don’t know if it’s because he’s just an easygoing guy but I think we just respect each other’s opinions and if we disagree on something

We talk it out at the end of the day we both want what’s best for Shai Osaka told InStyle earlier this week furthermore Osaka spoke on some of the trials and tribulations of her pregnancy she revealed that she had tested positive for group be to caucus while

It’s something that millions of women go through it can still lead to things like sepsis and still birth Additionally the sudden childbirth death of Olympian Tory Bowie sparked a lot of anxiety within Osaka I was kind of starting to freak out a little bit there were so many

Things I wasn’t aware of Osaka said did Osaka and cordi break up Osaka’s comments appear to indicate that she and cordi did not break up in October as was previously rumored a tweet from Osaka had fans speculating that she may have broken up with the rapper I just want

Someone that will watch the sunset with me Osaka wrote on social media while also removing any trace of her child’s father from her online presence however it wasn’t the first time that Osaka has hinted at a breakup on September 27th she wrote The Art of Loving yourself while also liking a post

About walking away from those who don’t doubt you for C’s part he did not acknowledge Osaka’s birthday this week and appeared absent from her celebrations the couple has been together since July 2019 when CI officially confirmed rumors that had been circulating since April the pair weathered Osaka’s decline from the

Highest Echelon of prot tennis as she suffered injuries and chose to step back to focus on her Mental Health

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