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NBA YoungBoy Openly Discusses Expectations Of Future Incarceration – The Hoima Post –


NBA YoungBoy recently opened up about his perspective on the possibility of returning to jail in the future, expressing a sense of acceptance rather than distress. In a candid interview on The Bootleg Kev Podcast, published on Monday, the rapper revealed that he anticipates another stint behind bars despite his current house arrest status in Salt Lake City for over two years. His confinement is related to a federal gun charge awaiting trial in Louisiana.

During the conversation, the topic of retirement arose, and YoungBoy candidly shared, “I’m kinda set on going to jail right now.” He continued, “So, I don’t really think about too much. I guess that’s just my life. I don’t let it bother me or no s**t like that. You make the bed you lay in.”

The rapper also reflected on fatherhood, admitting that he doesn’t feel a strong connection to the role. When asked about being a parent, he commented, “I’m not really big on it, to be honest. This is a crazy topic because I’m not the type to sugar coat nothing, but I’m four walls every day.” In addition, YoungBoy shared his sentiments about the music industry, describing it as “demonic” in a recent statement. He revealed that his career has taken a toll on him, leading to moments of intense emotion and self-reflection. “I real-life hate this sh*t,” he expressed. “This life takes a toll on me.”

NBA YoungBoy is scheduled to face trial for his longstanding gun case in July 2024. Stay tuned for further updates on NBA YoungBoy and his legal situation.

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