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NBL Mid-Season Transfer Window On – Must Know


As the 2024 National Basketball League (NBL) gears up for its second round, teams are diving headfirst into the mid-season transfer window, which officially opened on April 13 and will slam shut on May 17.

Following the conclusion of the first round on Sunday, April 14, with three rescheduled men’s fixtures at Lugogo, the league standings have taken shape.

The defending champions, City Oilers, lead the men’s division, while JKL Lady Dolphins top the women’s division.

Here are the key points surrounding the mid-season transfer window:

Player Acquisition: Each team has the opportunity to bolster their roster with the addition of up to three players. However, if a team already boasts a full roster of eighteen players, they must make room for the new additions by releasing three players.

Communication and Registration: Any transfers must be communicated in writing to the Competition Council and Competitions Manager. Additionally, teams must adhere to the required procedures for player replacements.

Consent: The transfer of a player is contingent upon the consent of all parties involved, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

Registration Requirements: Teams introducing a new player to the league during this window must provide the player’s bio data and fulfill the necessary fees outlined in the FUBA Competition rules of 2024.

Transition from Lower Leagues: Players moving from lower divisions (Division 1 and 2) to the NBL, or vice versa, must adhere to specific regulations. Upon consent from the releasing team, players will cease participation in their current league and wait for the subsequent round to commence in their new division.

Deadline: It’s crucial to note that all player additions must be finalized before the May 17 deadline. No exceptions will be made beyond this date.

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