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NEMA Leads Operation to Combat Illegal Sand Mining in Lwera


In a collaborative effort with the UPDF and State House Anti-Corruption Unit, the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has spearheaded an operation targeting illegal sand mining activities in Lwera.

A recent statement from NEMA highlights the successful outcomes of the operation, including the apprehension of multiple suspects and the confiscation of significant equipment, such as 9 dredgers, 4 boats, a sand sieving machine, and 3 large trucks, among others.

The seized equipment also includes generators, compressors, evacuator buckets, electrical wire rolls, and three cylinders.

This operation, along with similar initiatives nationwide, underscores NEMA’s dedication to environmental conservation and its commitment to implementing presidential directives aimed at curbing wetland and environmental degradation.

Environmental experts caution that unregulated sand mining in delicate ecosystems like wetlands can lead to various detrimental effects, including erosion, aquifer salination, loss of storm surge protection, and biodiversity impacts, ultimately endangering livelihoods, water resources, food production, fisheries, and the tourism industry.

To combat further wetland degradation, NEMA took decisive action by indefinitely suspending the issuance of permits and certificates for developments in wetlands since September 2021.

In another proactive move, NEMA recently intervened to halt the ongoing degradation of Nakiyanja wetland in Sonde, Kira Municipality, Wakiso District, aiming to safeguard this critical ecosystem.

NEMA urges citizens to remain vigilant in championing a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment.

Reiterating its unwavering commitment, NEMA pledges to uphold environmental protection in Uganda through continuous monitoring and surveillance of fragile ecosystems, ensuring sustained compliance with regulations.

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NEMA Leads Operation to Combat Illegal Sand Mining in Lwera

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