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New Playboi Carti Single Announcement Sparks Speculation on Kanye West’s Involvement


Earlier today Playboy cardi announced a new single he’s been dropping tracks on YouTube for a few weeks now but it seems like he’s gearing up to release his first official new song in years not only is he returning with a new track but he also confirmed that it features

Travis Scott the pair have collaborated twice before already Scott contributed a verse to the song Love Hurts from Cardi’s 2018 album dilet they teamed up again earlier this year for the hit song fine from Travis Scott’s new album Utopia but the new single could feature yet another major

Collaborator Kanye West uses his social media pretty sparingly these days but he took to his Instagram story earlier today he did so in order to share card’s new single announcement indicating he may have also had something to do with the song many fans speculated right away

That he may have played a role on the production and of the song that guess makes sense as West contributed production work to one of the songs cardi dropped on YouTube last month Kanye West shares Playboy cardi announcement in other Kanye West news it was reported last year that he’s selling

His $53 million Malibu mansion the house is famously designed by architect Tad Ando but was stripped of many of its essential facets since West purchased it now an Insider has revealed some of the reasons West is choosing to sell the sparse living space unfortunately the concrete settled into more of a Cadet

Gray and he was hoping for a warmer tone more of dovetail gray or Coachman’s Cape you would only visit the house at sunrise and sunset when he said the color didn’t irritate him so much eventually he stopped going all together The Insider revealed what do you think of Kanye West

Re-sharing Playboy card’s new song announcement do you think West did production work on the track let us know in the comment section below

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