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Nicki Minaj Refuses to Perform Starships at New Year’s Eve Party


Like many fellow celebs and rappers Nicki Minaj had a pretty fun time on New Year’s she took to the stage to perform a few songs for a tightly packed crowd at a New Year’s Eve party in a Miami Club videos of her performance have been circulating online all day while many of

Them show her excited delivery and the hyped crowd one particular clip making the rounds is different during the set her DJ tries to set up her classic 2010 hit Starships Nikki has no doubt performed the song hundreds of times live before but wasn’t feeling it overnight I don’t perform that song no

More she says in the clip after making her DJ move on when the crowd reacts she shares with them that she just doesn’t like the track anymore fans of Nikki came to her defense over the claims in the comments of a repost of the video on Instagram she been said that she don’t

Like Starships the top comment on the post reads Nicki Minaj doesn’t like star ships last month Nicki Minaj released her highly anticipated new album Pink Friday 2 it was her first new record in 5 years following 2018s Queen and ended up being a major undertaking for her the

Album features 22 tracks and over 70 minutes of material among the songs are plenty of high-profile features like Drake Future Lil Wayne Lil luy vert Jay Cole and more the album performed quite well commercially but that hasn’t stopped Nikki from fighting for every sale she clapped back at some haters online while

Talking about the albums incredibly impressive Spotify numbers she also shared a video on Twitter of one of her haters hiding physical copies of the album so fans trying to buy it would have a harder time finding the album what do you think of the video of Nicki Minaj declining to play Starships during

Her New Year’s performance let us know in the comment section below

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