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NLE Choppa’s Mom Claps Back at Blueface Amid Feud, Warns Him to Stay Clear of Drama


The mother of anell Chapa has called out blue face amid the rapper Feud with her son she took issue with blue calling out her son saying y’all was just playing on the internet there was never meant to be an actual fight furthermore she warned blue to keep my name out of yal

Bulli however the response led many to declare that blueface had won because choa had gotten his mom involved however it’s unclear if Chapa directly got his mom involved or if she stepped in as the inter went after her son choa himself responded to Blue on Saturday I challenged you to a fight so

Why you got a flyer with my face on and a website I’m seeing this and I’m just thinking no this is some clout chasing you got a flyer with my face on and a website that you got people clicking on for a pre-order or some sht choa said on

Instagram blue is yet to respond either choa or his mom blueface owes $14 million in strip club settlement elsewhere legal documents obtained by TMZ indicate that blueface has not yet paid the $13 million settlement he owes to a Las Vegas strip club furthermore the settlement now totals over $14.3

Million due to interest the ruling came down in favor of euphoric gentleman’s club in October 2023 While Blue escaped jail time for his role in the 2022 shooting he could not escape a financial penalty however it appears that blue is intent on not paying he recently bought

A house for Jaden Alexis although CIS and rock disputes the purchase he was also seen making it rain at an impromptu strip club he set up at a Rams game late last year unless a court chooses to intervene to enforce the ruling the owner of the now

Shuttered Club will simply have to watch the Odom Mount ride

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