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Offset And FYB J Mane Exchange DMs After Cereal Box Signature Controversy – The Hoima Post –


FYB J Mane took to Instagram on Saturday to share direct messages he received from Offset, responding to a recent interview on NoJumper where J Mane detailed a run-in with the rapper. Offset accused the comedian of exaggerating his story about seeking a cereal box signature.

In the direct messages, Offset began by expressing his disappointment with J Mane, saying, “Aye bra what’s up with you I was on some cool sht and you come playing with my name.” He continued, “But how the game work we run into each other again it’s all love bra. U capped like I kicked you out I was on some cool sht but u on some sucka sht like n***s can’t reach you.”

J Mane responded by explaining his comedic approach, writing, “Bro I Be On some Comedian Sh*t Please Don’t Take It Personal I Want To Stay Locked In With Yall, And I Never Said You Kicked Me Out.” In the caption of the screenshot, J Mane added, “It Hit Different When Offset Tryna Stop Me From Whoopin with @iamcardib Smfh.”

During the NoJumper interview, J Mane claimed that Offset refused to sign a cereal box that Adam22 had previously signed. He suggested that Offset thought the signature was not from a genuine O Blockian, leading to confusion and a tense situation.

Adam22 even joined the conversation on J Mane’s Instagram post, commenting, “Oh nooooooo,” along with several laughing emojis. The exchange between Offset and FYB J Mane adds a new layer to the ongoing controversy, leaving fans curious about the dynamics between the two.

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