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Foreign industry and forever industry yeah foreign My name is Galaxy Um There was an error where music was a communication a form of communication but apparently this era would be music is a form of Internet yes foreign Welcome Foreign That song foreign information let’s have that part of educating with that one privilege let’s educated them one by one one by one yeah what is the way forward enough but uh it’s good in your state is Communications let’s present cases because so uh before they are before there is foreign Teacher Ah Cheese videos Foreign Aside That’s true the chocolate data foreign again manager foreign thank you but as long as someone is still alive a chance to block finding a different angles and two foreign Foreign Foreign in the strength of what they said go quality um industry Not yet two three four five industry for the bad uh uh news weather good or bad yeah even the bad news is good news is how to handle the bad news is Foreign artists in the business lack what we call handlers currency Foreign Maga Isa or Moon song but Foreign foreign Foreign and cheat s together again let’s give people value for it for money let’s not take people for granted uh over and we tried exactly Javan okay bro is less Freedom city um Foreign There is a lack of respect more than mentions which together um [Laughter] freedom Foreign through him to show that the audience that is um foreign Appropriate I know thank you a revolve

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  1. @ssekandihassani2871 says

    Please don't go na siimu yo oba girlfriend woo ku freedom city bagendda kubba abattu abo bayaye belele mwegedelze

  2. @ssekandihassani2871 says

    Team pallaso

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