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Playboy cardi has revealed that he’s a father of two with the release of his new song the Atlanta rapper shared h00 Byer and it’s accompanying music video on Tuesday December 19th marking the latest preview of his upcoming album towards the end of the track Playboy cardi breaks the news that he has a

Daughter named Eve I was 24 when I had Lil Onyx then I had a daughter I got a daughter too sl27 when I had Eve slash now I can finally sleep he wrapped on the cardo and KP beats produced song cardi celebrated his 27th birthday on September

13th indicating the child was born in the last few months the mother’s identity has yet to be revealed listen to h00 buer Below in December 2022 Playboy cardi was arrested for allegedly choking his pregnant girlfriend according to TMZ the incident took place on December 20th in Fulton County Georg following an argument over

A paternity test the woman told police that cardi grabbed her by the throat and pushed her holding her neck until she could barely breathe she said she feared for her life during the attack according to the alleged victim a witness then jumped in to try and break up the fight

And help her Escape his grasp she said Playboy cardi then attacked her again when she ran to her car the woman also claimed that the rapper attempted to pull her out of the vehicle and put his hand over her mouth as she tried to use the car’s SOS feature to call the police

When cops arrived police discovered visible injuries to her neck chest and back the woman told police that she had been in a relationship with cardi for 2 years and they had lived together since July 2022 she was 14 weeks pregnant at the time of the alleged incident Playboy

Cardi previously welcomed a son eny Kelly with his ex-girlfriend a aelia in April 2020 the couple reportedly split up before his birth during an interview with XXL last year cardi opened up about fatherhood while praising Iggy’s parenting skills I’m a father you know what I’m saying you know how it is

Having kids I just got responsibilities I pay a lot of bills I take care of a lot of people he said I take care of my mom I take care of my family I take care of my baby mom and I take care of my son there’s a lot of

People I take care of so it’s like I got to keep doing it he continued my son’s birthday is coming up in 3 weeks I got him a crazy chain too he’s going to be a problem that’s who you need on the next cover he’s beautiful and Iggy she’s a

Great mom I love her to death I’m single she’s single now but that’s one of the best mothers in the world and that’s what you got to put in the book you hear me I love her to death she is the best mother in the world

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