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Post Malone Rings in the New Year with Electric Performance at The Fontainebleau in Las Vegas


Post Malone’s live shows have developed a musty reputation over the years the rapper and singer’s versatile Talent makes for a show with impressive variety throughout he also has a roster of hits then can hold up to almost anyone and is no stranger about pulling them all out at

Shows that’s why it’s no surprise that posy got booked for a New Year’s Event and a pretty special one at that the chemical hitmaker took the stage at one of Las Vegas most notable new venues the font and blow the stage is as brand new as they come having celebrated its grand

Opening just a few weeks ago in mid December it’s also a relatively small space for an artist of Malone’s caliber seating less than 4,000 people he played a 90-minute set that concluded with him ringing in the new year alongside pyrate Technics confetti and cheering fans post Malone’s new year

Celeberation earlier this year post Malone found himself at the center of some nasty drama he was accused of being physically and verbally abusive to an ex-girlfriend when the accusations were made public her lawyers claimed that they had proof of the alleged incidents which ended up being text messages that caused Malone to take

Legal action of his own against the lawyers who made the claim a few months later developments and the legal proceedings have come pretty slowly in the months since earlier this year post Malone shared his new album Austin the album was preceded by two hit songs chemical and morning the tracks have

Raced up more than 300K and 100K streams respectively the album received mixed reviews from critics upon its release in in July subsequently a few deep Cuts like something real and speedometer have emerged as fan favorites what do you think of the clips of post Malone’s new year’s

Performance who would you want to see perform in the intimate new venue let us know in the comment section below

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