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Pregnant Rihanna arrives fashionably late in blooming white gown at Met Gala 2023


Pregnant Rihanna arrives fashionably late in Blooming white gown at Met Gala 2023 no one rules the Met Gala red carpet quite like Rihanna and while her later rival likely had fans asking where have you been the bad girl and partner ASAP Rocky who are currently expecting their second child eventually made an

Entrance on the 2023 gala’s red carpet Monday the Love on the brain star stunned in a bridal-esque white Valentino Ensemble featuring a flower dawned Cape dramatic train and Thor’s eyelash adorned sunglasses for his part ASAP Rocky went comparatively casual at least on the bottom half as he

Sported a Gucci suit jacket and a plowed Kilt lead over a pair of shimmering jeans a source previously told page six that the Love on the brain singer had a secret fitting for her look at 3am on Saturday morning involving 25 million worth of Cartier jewels the bridal white

Gown she ended up wearing was perhaps a fitting fashion to close out the evening given Carl lagerfeld’s Chanel shows were known to end with a wedding look she removed her Cape once inside the gala revealing a matching Rosetta dawned dress that highlighted her baby bump Rihanna 35 might

Well be the annual events most anticipated arrival at this point over the years she’s attended an iconic looks ranging from a pope-inspired Mason margiela artisanal Ensemble for 2018’s Heavenly Bodies fashion and the Catholic imagination Gala to a petal-covered com desk our song’s creation for 2017’s Ray koakiboga com disga songs

Art of the in-between ball and who could possibly forget the jaw-dropping yellow goape gown she chose for 2015’s China through the looking glass themed carpet this year the work singer even got into the Met Gala Spirit early as she posed for Instagram snaps in a furry cropped Chanel jacket over the weekend

Of course Rihanna’s never been one to tone down her fashion while she’s expecting during her first pregnancy in 2022 the umbrella hitmaker showed off her baby bump in a series of headline-making styles from the likes of Chanel Dior and Gucci each accessorized to the maximum when I found out I was pregnant

I thought to myself there’s no way I’m going to go shopping in no maternity aisle Rihanna told Vogue last year I’m sorry it’s too much fun to get dressed up I’m not going to let that part disappear because my body is changing the Fenty Beauty Mogul regularly plays

With show-stopping beauty looks as well her makeup artist Priscilla owner recently shared her product must-haves with page six style telling us that every Met Gala look is special in its own way especially for the met I feel like there’s so much pressure on the met and there’s actually a lot of pre-glam

Moments she added of the prep process Pro

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