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Pusha T Opens Up About Strained Relationship with Kanye West, Revealing Alleged Texts from January 2


Pusha and Kanye West haven’t always had the best relationship but recent alleged text messages between the two give new insight into the pair’s at times strained relationship a Reddit post from Saturday January 6th alleges that the texts which are from January 2022 detail how much the push feels Yeezy has fallen from

Grace I put out the song because he dissed me and mentioned my wife in a song King push writes seeming to refer to the back and forth with Drake that culminated with the story of AI Don you let Drake disrespect you your wife and your family that’s why you can’t get

Your wife to respect you he continued don’t blame me Kanye I would never shoot anybody for you you would snitch on me shine changed his name to Moses and turned Jew please don’t compare me to him puff was better off without J llo she was a [ __ ] I’ve held you down and

You don’t appreciate me push a te he cut ties with Kanye West and good music in 2022 after ye Unleashed a stream of anti-semitic remarks for which he has since apologized however you seem to still publicly support Pusha despite the split back in April 2023 the Chicago rap icon

Attended Jerry Lorenzo’s fear of God fashioned show alongside his new wife Bianca sori at the Hollywood Bowl King push graced the stage to perform field of love his collaboration with Kanye and kid Cy from 2018s kid see ghosts while modeling some of the famed designers new fear of God xadas collection you was

Seen vibing out to his former sese performance in the audience while sitting next to his wife he was also caught on camera turning up to his 2013 yeus track Blood On The Leaves which played during the runway show Pusha first spoke out against his close collaborator in November 2022 saying yes

Derogatory comments about Jews were disappointing he reaffirmed this sentiment in an interview with XXL referring specifically to comment she made about Hitler on Alex Jones Infowars podcast it’s beyond that and it’s nothing to tap dance around Pusha said it’s wrong period but to me it’s just me

And him having a difference of opinion yet again cuz we done had this for years he continued heun not speaking to me now if you ain’t with it you ain’t down and I ain’t with it I’m not budging on that I’m not with it I heard about this new stuff on

Infowars I don’t know it’s something that just sort of tells me he’s not well at the same time I will say that it’s going to places where it’s no way to move

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