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Rick Ross Faces Chair Mishap on Adin Ross’ Livestream, Reveals Secrets About Cars, Homes, and Overco


Rick Ross suffered a bit of embarrassment when his chair broke during an appearance on Aiden Ross stream in the live stream which broadcast on Wednesday January 3rd the MMG mobile was chatting to the internet personality when he moved the chair he was sat on and it cracked under his

Weight after it broke Rosie brushed off the embarrassment and blamed the faux paw on his heavy Pockets I just broke the chair man he said Pockets too heavy heavy weight I just broke BR the [ __ ] leg after recovering from the broken chair drama Rick Ross made a number of

Revelations during the chat including how many cars and properties he owns Rosie has over 200 Cars he bragged before adding I’m almost at 20 homes on a more serious note the Port of Miami rapper also discussed his past lead addiction it’s not good for you I went

Hard with sipping lean long time it’s the reason why I believe I have seizures now still on seizure medication right now I used to stay up 2 or 3 days at a time Ross said he is now several years sober from the drug although it has affected

His memory it causes big damage he added everybody that’s doing it don’t [ __ ] with it stop right now Rick Ross has spoken about his lean Addiction in the past and recently credited Meek Mill with helping him kick his habit that being little bro it could be something

That you walk into the studio you walk into your homie and you see your homie not all the way on as a game he told Apple music’s Ebro Darden that’s one of the things that me and meek most definitely had conversations about vice versa though me drinking lean at a time

And now I’m taking medication two times a day because of this and then you walk into a session you see your little bro I man we got to tighten up on this [ __ ] it’s a lot of different ways we can have issues or back and forth but we always

Got the money Ross also blamed his 2018 hospitalization on the drug it was the Codine he told people at the time that mixed with the things I was drinking the other drugs I was doing and on top of not resting I don’t think one particular thing would have killed me but

Everything combined Ross has attempted to take better care of his health in recent years following several Health scares he has not only lost weight but is currently training to climb Mount kilamanjaro in 202

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