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Rick Ross has continued to go after DJ Envy in the midst of their car show beef as new allegations have emerged regarding Envy’s real estate business partner according to all hip-hop Caesar Pina also known as flipping in Jay has been brought up in a number of financial mismanagement issues as some of his

Disgruntled clients have taken to social media to voice their frustrations one person claimed they’ve lost one million dollars from doing business with the New Jersey real estate investor while another said that they are out of pocket by five hundred thousand dollars on an investment former NFL player Tony the

Closer Robinson is another real estate investor who is abreast of the situation and decided to call both Pina and envy out on Twitter regarding them having 20 properties in foreclosure while on a recent Instagram live with Robinson Envy took the opportunity to defend himself against the accusations I

Honestly don’t know that’s between them and whatever happened The Breakfast Club co-host said but did I say there take this money and give it to this person or do this with this money I never did if you ever came to my seminar I tell everybody everybody on this stage whether it’s credit prepare

Or it’s a conventional lender do your homework because I don’t trust anybody if you’ve been to my seminars I say that a million times Caesar peanut also took to Instagram to address the allegations posting a lengthy message maintaining DJ Envy’s innocence it’s not a secret that my relationship

With DJ Envy extends beyond the turntables and into the real estate market he wrote however it’s critical to clarify that he was never involved in any deals negotiations or Partnerships that have come into question he added I’m sorry to my wife my family DJ Envy and Envy’s entire family

I love you guys and I’m sorry that individuals with nothing to lose are trying to bring you down Rick Ross then decided to taunt Envy by posting a video in his Instagram stories of him hanging out with Tony Robinson and giving the camera a knowing look seemingly an attempt to one-up the New

York DJ in their ongoing beef over their upcoming car shows tension between envy and Rosie started earlier this month when the MMG mobile took a swipe at The Breakfast Club co-host during his interview on drink Champs declaring he was never on my level when it comes to hosting car shows

After light Jabs were exchanged things quickly became personal when Rick Ross dragged DJ Envy’s family into the feud requesting he and his girlfriend and children clean his swimming pool Envy fired back by donning a police uniform and doing an officer Ricky impression on The Breakfast Club taking

Shots at Ross passed stint as a correctional officer which has remained a contentious point of discussion throughout his career things escalated earlier this week Gunplay put DJ Envy on blast after posting a phone conversation where the former MMG rapper demanded an apology from the radio host for bringing

Up his newborn daughter’s GoFundMe page while engaging in his car show Feud with Rick Ross Envy condemned Rosie for not publicly supporting gunplay’s GoFundMe or helping take care of his child’s medical bills following her emergency heart surgery why you talking crazy about me my brother Gunplay pressed Envy during the call

What I had to do with anything and my wife posting a GoFundMe my baby was sick she had a heart defect that has nothing to do with cars you know I’ll slap the out you boy Envy for real you know I’ll slap the out of you right

Envy responded we can fight but that’s not the reason I’m saying that I wasn’t trying to disrespect you I wasn’t talking about your daughter if you feel like you were disrespected I’m talking to you like a man I would never if you feel I did I apologize that wasn’t my intention

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