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Rihanna has taken a page out of Janelle Monae’s book by daring to bear in a throwback maternity photo shoot the Bajan Beauty turned heads on Thursday May 18th by sharing several photos from her first pregnancy with son RZA who was born in May 2022 the sensual snaps capture a sun-kissed

Weary proudly showing off her baby bump by the Sea while wearing little more than a pair of black bikini bottoms and pieces of gold jewelry the anti-singer kept the shoot tasteful though by covering her rests with her hands or as she put it in her caption rubbing on her titties

Here’s a little series I call rub on your titties She Wrote in honor of my first pregnancy embracing motherhood like a g and the magic that this body made baby arzier he in there not having a clue how nuts his mama is or how obsessed he was about

To make me hashtag maternity shoot 2022 hashtag topek continued Rihanna’s sultry photo shoot comes shortly after it was revealed that her baby boy whom she shares with boyfriend ASAP Rocky is called RZA athelston Mayors named after the Wu-Tang Clan Legend the child’s birth certificate which was obtained by The Daily Mail

Earlier this month also revealed he was born on May 13 at 10 58 am at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles sharing the same name as a hip-hop icon runs in the family as Rocky born Rakeem at the last and Mayors is named after the pioneering Lyricist Rakim

The happy couple celebrated rza’s first birthday last week with a fittingly Wu-Tang themed party where Rihanna dressed up as the late Old Dirty Bastard pretty Flacco morphed into Ghostface Killah and baby RZA Donna costume inspired by his namesake as part of her outfit Riri even copped an 18 carat

Diamond grill that read dirt a replica of one ODB owned in the 90s that was crafted by the same exact Jeweler the pop Superstar opened up about her Parenthood experience and interview with British Vogue earlier this year saying it has fundamentally changed her life oh my God it’s legendary she said

Of her first nine months as a mom it’s everything you really don’t remember life before that’s the craziest thing ever you literally try to remember it and there are photos of my life before but the feeling the desires the things that you enjoy everything you just don’t identify

With it because you don’t even allow yourself mentally to get that far because because it doesn’t matter Riri also gushed over the father-son bond between Rocky and RZA joking that she feels like a third wheel at home I’m just sitting on the sidelines when they’re together I’m literally the girl trying to get

Into the boys club waiting for my turn she added he is obsessed with his father and I’m like didn’t I give birth to you what is going on their connection is undeniable the second Rocky makes eye contact with him he is on fire the whole thing they say about sons and

Moms it’s a myth sons and fathers is crazy I realize that the validation that you really need as a boy is from your father Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s family is about to get even bigger as the 35 year old singer is currently pregnant with baby number two she unveiled her pregnant belly during

Her halftime show performance at Super Bowl 57 in February with a rep confirming the news soon after soon after

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