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Rihanna Touring Again After New Music Drops


Thankfully for her Navy Rihanna hasn’t been totally absent from the spotlight while taking a Hiatus from music instead we’ve seen her pour into Fenty Beauty SL skin as well as her lingerie line she made a triumphant return to the stage in 2022 with powerful contributions to the Black Panther wakanda forever soundtrack

Like lift me up but at this time it’s unclear when the mother of two plans to deliver her next Studio LP 2016’s an anti was an impressive body of work with features coming from siza and Drake on consideration and work respectively it’s unclear who R is interested in collaborating with on her

Next project though many hip-hop heads have expressed interest in hearing a joint song between her and ASAP Rocky during an interview with Entertainment Tonight earlier this week the Barbadian artist gave an update on when we might hear new music from her as well as any upcoming tour plans when is Rihanna

Going on tour again well we’re always going to go back on tour rih told the outlet after laughing I feel like when there’s new music we already know what that’s going to be with the songs that I performed my last tour that was a long

Time ago I feel like it’s only fair that my fans get what they’ve been waiting on which is new music after that let’s just like blow everything up she declared seemingly hinting at an explosive schedule of performances coming in the future elsewhere in the news Rihanna Can’t Stop gushing about being a mother

Of two and watching her other half ASAP Rocky step confidently into fatherhood rumor has it that the Bad Gal is eager to see if they can conceive a girl in the future though it’s unclear how much time she wants to take off after having RZA and Riot backto back read more about the

Mayor’s family at the link below and check back later for more hip hop slop culture news updates

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