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Safaree Surprises Fans with Throwback Video Featuring Nicki Minaj in Hoodstarz


Earlier this week Safar shared an old video to Instagram that surprised fans it was a throwback of his old rap group Hood Stars which notoriously included Nicki Minaj as well both of them are present in the video showing off some impressive intensity early in their careers we all had to start somewhere he

Captions the post even though the clip is short it shows off the humble beginnings of both rappers last month Nicki Minaj released her new album Pink Friday 2 the project came in on a huge wave of hype following a trio of big singles over the past 2 years the album was her

First studio album in 5 years since 2018 Queen She delivered a pretty substantial helping of new music serving up 22 tracks that add up to more than 70 minutes of Music It Sports features from Lil Wayne Drake Lil luzi vert Jay Cole future and more across that

Runtime key tracks from the album like ftcu and everybody with Lil Uzi are already racking up tens of millions of streams Nicki Minaj rapping an old video most recently Nicki Minaj has been caught up in a controversy surrounding her hit song Starships she refused to play the track

During a new yeary performance forcing her DJ to skip the track she did give an explanation saying that she doesn’t perform it live anymore because she doesn’t like it which the crowd disagreed with one person who didn’t mind the choice was the song producer who spoke to TMZ in favor of her

Choices Nikki has also been teasing a new version of ftcu she revealed that she has a remix of the song coming with a currently unknown male rapper many fans speculate that it could be Jay Cole After Nikki shared a story about how much he claimed to love the song before the album was

Released what do you think of the old video of Nicki Minaj rapping as a member of hood Stars let us know in the comment section below

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