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Sexyy Red Raises Questions About Viral Alien Video in Miami


A viral video of an alien visiting Miami’s Bayside Marketplace has been making its rounds online as of late and sexy red has a few questions the Pound Town performer took to Twitter yesterday to express her curiosity asking fans to send the video her way unfortunately it appears as though the St Louis nativ

Followers left her hanging prompting her to follow up we the videos of the aliens she asked resulting in countless commenters joking about the alien debacle she later responded to a tweet from Young Miami in which the City girl declared that aliens are real OMG so there are aliens they’re real she wrote

Sexy red wasn’t so easily convinced however insisting that she sees some evidence before she comes to a conclusion herself I’m waiting on the videos man she said sexy red has questions police have cleared up the alien rumors since they went viral according to them there was a heavy

Police presence in the area on New Year’s Day due to a fight which later resulted in various arrests there were no aliens UFOs or ETS no airports were closed no power outages they explained officer Michael Vega shared a statement on the rumors of a 10-ft alien loose in Miami debunking social media users

Theories it’s a shadow of a person walking if you look at the beginning of the clip you can see the person at the bottom of the Shadow he says of the video if there was any creature myself and other officers would have our handgun rifle and shotgun out while we

Hide behind our cars regardless some social media users are still convinced what do you think of the I recently spotted in Miami what about sexy red having questions about the debacle share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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