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Singer Davis Marie – Am The Next Reggea Legend From Africa


[Laughter] is yes the platforms and platforms davies murray every player from union music and davies market letters murray music uncle Yes of course okay let’s talk about you yourself amanda gomez you know very many people are very negative about reggae music music you have to make the song listen to it listen to it again again and again yes i want to [Laughter] Until today so i write a lot of songs by the way yeah teen time pandey kenyan panika dancehall so uh was your father okay with the the music you’re doing um foreign [Applause] um Foreign yes Www have you tried it look out for the new hubble products on the market it’s also free no need room around visit are you ailing with ulcers high blood pressure diabetes fibroids low sperm count skin irritation do you want to gain weight or lose weight do you need spiritual healing to our dear ladies there is a full package for bedroom teasing and accessories visit www for deliveries call zero seven four one

Seven two four eight one eight one all zero seven seven three zero nine forty four ninety seven talk to the expert [Laughter] Foreign I’m just a raising star um music is only about vegeta kroger music but one for the lord let me drink one food for um um so let’s work together and make sure this talent is up there correct 81 66 for merau sababina okay to answer to you

And get to we meet again thank you You

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  1. @katontale9811 says

    Wow I like how he reasons ,and he looks young how come have not heard of his music

  2. @richardkaliba2342 says

    Ebyaddala yaddako

  3. @kanaug2968 says

    Just katukutelemu esala

  4. @jojojophi4424 says

    Jah blessings

  5. @gengenationalie7422 says

    Mukisa jokka kablaza

  6. @sserwadakikopo6475 says

    Nga ansanyudde mbadde simumanyi

  7. @shonuntil4671 says

    Buli muntu Ayagala bwa legend easy

  8. @puffsollo1210 says


  9. @shashadebrine2636 says

    It's alright

  10. @okeywine1303 says

    Bambi kassebo

  11. @longshi8890 says

    Akawowo keko

  12. @johoik148 says

    Kyandiba ekituffu tozikiza lemelako boy

  13. @joyhappi4745 says


  14. @kenemaharriet8044 says

    I heard one of his song Nkulinda the boy sounds like real madox sematimba,He sings well

  15. @kenemaharriet8044 says

    How can I get more of his music

  16. @Emma256official says

    It's possible he has the potential

  17. @Emma256official says

    His music sounds unique nadala Patricia song

  18. @kanasher9018 says

    Seriously if you risen at one of his songs ,He makes love all of his music ,me I love Nkyaliyo mostly

  19. @mrdred8355 says

    ɦa ʀɛaʟ ʟɛɢɛռɖ ɖaʋɨs ʍaʀɨɛ

  20. @mrdred8355 says

    օռɛ ʟօʋɛ man

  21. @tashapawah says

    So talented

  22. @jetphotographie says

    Davis Marie is aready legendary artist according to the music he does mpozi nga akyusiza mumaaso eyoo bless up rasta🇨🇬🇨🇬

  23. @kyampiremoreen4551 says

    I really love this boys music .his music is amazing,thax for the show I saw you at club 4 in luzira last week

  24. @katushabeameria3122 says

    So talented have just seen ur music ,I pray u succeed rasta

  25. @jordanburns6195 says

    GO go Rasta keep burning international

  26. @xchrisadamz9274 says

    Always inspiring brother

  27. @bogerejulius6144 says

    Reggae music is my thing I wish I succes young reggae icon⭐

  28. @opallevi2302 says

    Keep going Reggae specialist

  29. @MadrineMagembe-br6wj says


  30. @MadrineMagembe-br6wj says


  31. @MadrineMagembe-br6wj says

    My Ob New Hope Nkokojeru

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