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Skepta Teases Exciting Album News with Knife And Fork Release Announcement


Just about a month ago skepta teamed up with 19-year-old producer writer for the 48 Hours EP a solid offering however its quality still didn’t dissuade his fan from lamenting the lack of a fulllength solo album since 2020s insomnia although a new house-based project with Jammer under

The name MOS TMO is apparently in the works regardless die hards are still waiting for a followup but fortunately 2024 brings us very good news it hasn’t even been a full 20 4 hours into the year as of writing this article and we’re already sure that many listeners

Found their most anticipated project of the year it’s been years since I dropped my last album skepta shared in a message to his various social media accounts on Monday January 1st I want to thank you for all the love during my Hiatus I’ve seen the messages tweets and

Tik toks I’m truly grateful that my music is still resonating with the world even in my absence I’m happy to announce my next studio album # knife and fork is loading this year the first single # gas me up diligent will be out January 26 can’t

Wait to see you all at Big Smoke Festival happy 2024 skepta unveils new album knife and fork furthermore it looks like the legendary Grime MC is finally coming through with some LP heat in this new year hopefully no release hiccups or delays occur but at least we already

Have solid indication that gas me up diligent is going to be a banger a snippet of the skepta single released on social media recently and many fans are singing its praises the can’t play myself artist flows with easy skill and the same confidence as ever over a perk heavy and blissfully woozy trap

Instrumental listen to the gas me up diligent snippet meanwhile as his ASAP Rocky collab praise the Lord Des shine hit 1 billion Spotify streams Big Smoke has a lot to celebrate from 2023 fortunately it seems like he’s focusing those successes and that time off to really hone in on something special for

His fan base are you looking forward to knife and fork and where do you think the 41-year-old will take us with this Vision drop your predictions in the comments and stay logged in

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