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Somalia’s Post-AU Peacekeeping Force Plan Faces UN Submission Delay – The Black Examiner



Somalia’s plan for a new security force, post-African Union peacekeeping mission, faces delays in submission to the UN Security Council. With uncertainty about funding and ongoing security challenges from Al Shabaab, the country navigates a critical transition period.

The future of Somalia’s security landscape post the departure of the African Union peacekeeping mission at year’s end remains uncertain. Somalia has yet to present its plan for a new force to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), delaying the process initially expected by March’s end. The African Union has disclosed that Somalia’s proposal will be forwarded next month after a comprehensive assessment of ground realities. This delay comes amidst consultations with the AU Peace and Security Council to strategize for the new force, slated to commence operations on January 1, 2025, following the completion of the current mission’s exit.

The upcoming force, set to be AU-led and authorized by the UN, faces the urgent task of ensuring a seamless transition from the exiting mission while assuming security responsibilities alongside Somali forces. Despite the gains made over 17 years in countering Al Shabaab and reclaiming significant territory, Somalia’s vulnerability persists, exacerbated by a sluggish pace in force generation. International partners emphasize the importance of supporting Somali security forces efficiently to facilitate the country’s transition without overburdening donor budgets.

However, funding remains a pressing concern, with the AU highlighting a significant gap as the current mission’s tenure nears its end. International partners, notably the EU, have shouldered substantial financial burdens, exceeding €2.5 billion. Yet, securing sustainable financing for the post-mission phase remains imperative, especially amidst donor fatigue and competing priorities. Meanwhile, Al Shabaab’s recent attacks underscore the ongoing security challenges, with the group regaining control in certain regions amid internal tensions within the Somali National Army.

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Somalia’s Post-AU Peacekeeping Force Plan Faces UN Submission Delay

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