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Staurt and Brown Latets Comedy 2023 Feb


Good morning foreign foreign Wash it away Okay ketchup I want to tell you foreign [Applause] I want you to remember everything one thing oh no yeah this one is eating no no yeah foreign you like it foreign oh yay um foreign technology yes the potato okay Foreign one plus one two plus two What’s your knowledge there is America the two they’re true [Laughter] either program s foreign foreign foreign foreign mmbd Ana Um [Applause] but she doesn’t oh you know Moana you know Moana hello you want to do it is what is pollution pollution pollution pollution pollution pollution waste products in the environment what is germination what is germination germination is The Presence by which a chicken cross the University yes yes but oh yeah foreign

[Applause] who is the current minister don’t start presenter don’t start okay yes that’s my Disney police because when the body is fully not partially immersed in a fruit the experiences equal to this place to prove thank you Me no money is at any points ah um total energy examples foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign I think right Now hey guys who is the next president of Uganda foreign who is the next president of Uganda next evening president of Uganda um who is the next president of Uganda Come on hold on honey who is the next president of Uganda hey mojos Bobby Bobby where foreign tempered um yes sir yes sir three bucks one foreign yes yes hello hello how are you I’m okay how are you you look smart thank you for appreciating okay yeah what’s your name my name is

My nature wow your name my nature wow what’s your name my name my name is Stuart Stewart yes how old are you I’m seven seven yes which class are you we don’t have classes here it’s an international school we have levels levels yeah we were in which level level three level three yes

We have the principle here principle yeah those ends we have the principle here talking about yourself principle principle immigrated um Everybody okay yes okay you said the principle yeah please could you please direct me to principal’s office please surface area of airports equals the boys are still body you receive that the secretary follow is the principal’s office but you can’t go okay you said you still

Want yes sir do you know the duties of the principle I know the principle is the overall at school Deputy acts as the principle the priest was not around nice foreign

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