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Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys to Showcase Art Collection in Brooklyn Exhibition


Swiss beats and Alicia Keys have announced they will be displaying some of their art collection at a special exhibition in Brooklyn been holding this incredible news close to the chest the couple wrote in their caption now it’s our pleasure to officially announce Giants art from the dean collection of Swiss beats and

Alicia Keys opening on February 10th at Brooklyn Museum tickets to # Giants bkm available now a mustsee show Lincoln bio Collision Collision Collision let’s get 2024 started Purple Heart a big special thank you to all the Giants in the show at the dean collection the couple wrote on Instagram Swiss has been collecting

Art since the 1990s and served on the board of directors for the Brooklyn Museum where the collection is being exhibited between 2015 and 2023 a majority of the paintings on display will be from black artists the reason why we doubled down on African-American art is because people weren’t collecting it things flow

A little better now swis told the New York Times for a piece about the exhibit however the curator of the Museum’s modern and Contemporary Art noted that Swiss and keys were forgotten figures in the art collecting World Swiss beats celebrates 45th birthday at French Chateau last year Swiss turned

45 he and key celebrated the milestone in extravagant fashion alongside his mother and Fel the whole event was hosted Ed and sponsored by Hennessy and at Chateau Margo just outside of Bordeaux furthermore the iconic Brewery provided a delightful spread of French wine fresh fish and more additionally

Swiss showed love for his hosts on social media the love for my 45 made me feel Ultra alive thank you everyone for the love and blessings thank you at Hennessy for hosting me and my family at your amazing Castle Swiss said on Instagram however he shared some extra

Love for his wife the biggest thank you to my amazing thoughtful wife for setting up this one of one night at Alicia Key life begins at the end of your comfort zone atore bathon at fusa at chatom marals and my friends that came from around the world I love you all swis

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