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Talib Kweli and Consequence Engage in Heated Exchange Following Diss Track Release


Consequence released a Dis Track aimed at talb quelly on Friday and the legendary rapper has responded in multiple posts on social media in his new track beef forever K brings up the black star rapper ex-wife his former collaborator Rez and more he waps you might have went around with The Lyricist

Lounge but the underground know who got The Lyricist Crown slash so you should be afraid watch the levels EQ SL you should know that night I could have left with AI he also ref is residential and the sexual harassment claims they made against him you probably so afraid of

That left from Ai and that’s the reason why them other girls got # me/ she never been more than a Mr me too and you don’t really want no smoke with the one I2 and asterisk asteris GIS gay SL we got beef forever once we got beef we got beef

Forever consequence performs at fyf Fest in response quelly brought up DJ academic supporting cons and used the recent sexual assault allegations from his ex-girlfriend against him how it ConEd mad at me for saying what he be saying about Kanye 2 years before he said it laughing face emojis and at

Academics I’ve been waiting for your Jerry the mouse asked to jump out the window so Trump the Nazi rapist is your guy H Emma have fun exposing you in 2024 laughing face emojis lfg he wrote in the caption consequence and Talib quelly go back dash and forth in a follow up he

Added what’s crazy is at const Dexter started stalking me in defense of Kanye a man he now says the same things about that I said 2 years before he did when called out for this Behavior at const falsely accused me of being raped by Africa bambata let’s say that horrible thing

Happened which it didn’t but if it did I would not be something to laugh about the two have been feuding since 2022 when Khan stood by Kanye West amid his anti-Semitism controversy be on the lookout for further updates on talled quelly and consequences

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