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The parliament had adopted the powers of the executive why nimba gamba the chairman one of the reasons why people are supporting me is which is i don’t believe in the quotes logo only they have trained the royals foreign m battle between the executive and the pyramids the the judiciary and the parliament

Of the judiciary museum is a the battle between the judiciary and the parliament ended in the victory over the judiciary seven years of you why if we want to force a revolutionary if you want to defeat a devolutionary revolutionary politician once you want what if you don’t want a

Revolution to occur don’t start it because the revolution does not stop in the middle he’s like a pregnancy to somebody evolutionary politics okay if you don’t want a revolution it will occur don’t start one but you are inciting the population it’s right never going to where you see when a drunkard woman um

Leaders in the parliament foreign Foreign there is a woman probably the president when i was when i when i visited your african countries i see your hospitals they are constructed why the outer patient and the patient goes with the same death seventh is a habit to get it to work half that’s a hospital

Mercedes wants to develop this country but the problem is the mafias when we’re certainly allowed the formation of the fellowship eugene the fellowship wants to capture power at all costs this is why dogamanji 10 million euros you talk about that money but if you don’t give me money i’m going to destroy you everything see about where foreign italy

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