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Um Foreign why one battleground movie of offers to any government loses the public interest and confidence everything that he does becomes a reflection foreign democratic society when the people said one that has developed far southern uganda yes to energetic command society to communist to realize the objectives to this command of our communist societies

This is why china has developed which you know every step every step to a communist system when it Other countries are moving out but with some hunger if you compare what is done in only 10 years government officer because you already said they have the resources to be a bigger than 10 years economy but commitment in a democratic society when europe north korea and the south korea

Ibm is in gabiaji because people will say why do we benefit from this yeti foreign is you must understand this one agreement was signed between prophecies by chivanoka or people from maternity genomics without involving you were doing an agreement involving a coffee you must know the key players in the coffee industry

Which is these are your people because you are taking away jobs over existing people okay you are marrying you are encouraging on somebody’s wife you are not marrying a married the people who are currently do you believe you are now monopolizing what have i cannot take my son to china china we

Do travel to china to unite you so much now why our china solution is a certain corruption they maroon you on an iran they shoot you that’s the problem you want it to bring something but they are existing people in operation or you cannot create a bus yes i have foreign foreign

Transform into something else foreign this book an international person i don’t know where you’re going to contract in about for the next two years you just can’t see it a bridge of contract But when it this person is the only one who is going to sell the coffee outside the uganda which means coordinated When an investor arrives in uganda he must be handed over to uganda facility authorities in charge of the presidency would have a minister mr president you’ve donated your school to these people where are you going to get to the finances this is a local government he writes through the district to president Are fighting they don’t know these things and nobody can to teach them when that is arrived at this person to construct it and today it was done necessarily what’s it disputable where is the phone number equality what is different this diversity budget is my suggestion is president

What we should do let us do this these younger people like the operating as if they are in rwanda as if they are in china this is not the case as if they are in north korea this is not the case because after signing that algorithm it had to be ratified by parliament

Parliament president what is saint aquarius the prevailing situation do we need a monopolist what about our is he going in the case having an obligation of supplying the coffee to this company as an this is a small economy because if everybody is a monopolist my People have started thinking no what my priority now is to ensure that i remain in the parliament those seven have used all those have been used have we ended up in foreign us let me see by george you can also start it the other way wants higher prices by the time these

People would not make a noise say it to me uganda yeah that’s why when you see in many businesses you look what’s in their faces some of them are the same but they don’t operate on the but they use measures that work in china north korea where there is command we don’t

But in the democratic country you must plan so this woman is foreign um for quite a long time there existed a common belief among the managers of coca-cola against manufacturer of soft drinks that they are accountable in the market towards pepsi cola it was until coca-cola appointed a new manager

From the east african region that this belief was disproved the new manager sat down to draw a new marketing strategy for the company only to find out that the centuries all the belief was untrue this phenomenon is not so strange across the world people fail to understand

Their real enemies but spend most of their lives in an illusion of perceived enemies the findings in the new manager’s report were both intriguing and amazing the findings revealed that the scholar was not the biggest supplier of salty drinks in east africa and therefore not their arch rival in business the new findings

Confirmed that the majority of the population in east africa who wanted to drink either coca-cola or pepsicola could not do so because none of the true products was available in most of the small towns across east africa this is how coca-cola came up with the idea of introducing big

Refrigerators which are stationed on verandas of shops with an intention to make their products readily available everyone who studied the economics or commerce will tell you that demand is need backed by capacity to buy having money in brackets this means that before the discovery coca-cola managers and strategists were spending billions

Of money fighting a wrong enemy this phenomenon of individuals and organizations fighting their counterparts whom they perceive as enemies is not restricted to business entities like coca-cola and pep scholar it is also common in politics and between political players including those in big political parties like the national resistance movement nrm and

Even a present urim seven these misguided missiles are common in politics and they are responsible for the collapse of many governments governments especially in africa in my book titled how leaders lose power which has been reproduced i stated the following in the 1960s robert wrongly perceived the then upc secretary general jonica

Congress as his arch rival fighting to bring him down he tricked kakung forego a constituent’s vote in order to prevent him from joining the independence parliament dr milton obote who had excelled in laying traps for his perceived political opponents thought he had succeeded in putting ka kong under lok and ki

His intentions were revealed later when he left after kakong’s name missed on the nomination list of the 10 upc members of parliament despite his indisputable contribution to ubc victory surprisingly is a swahili word that can be translated to mean the loot that is shaped That can be translated to mean the root that is shared after conquest much like other leaders who are leaders we have already talked about already devoted his efforts to none ex existing enemies and in 1971 he was overthrown by idi amindara davi cdso mccbe the self-proclaimed life president of uganda number two

Amin himself was pro pre-occupied with the return of robote his host the then president of tanzania my name is were not the real enemies of ida mean i mean had been propelled into power by israelis and the british however it was revealed that during the bloody coup

That brought i mean massive human rights services were committed and abated despite the support from the bridge appearing before a pro committee that was investigating cases of human rights abuse committed during the armenian government one actually witnessed narrated an incident when lange and the choli soldiers were rounded up confined

Into a military cell and an army officer from west nile showered them with the bullets killing them in masses in spite of this idi amin was accepted by all sectors of society in his book the master president yoweri museven admits that he had problems recruiting fighters from one call region because the residents

Could not trust him he says that people took him to be over his agent otherwise i mean enjoyed overwhelming support from the population during the first few years of his role just because his predecessor dr milton nobote had antagonized every influential institution in uganda while trying to pursue a wrong enemy

Fadamo but his stance on independence of african countries including namibia zimbabwe and south africa was also a big factor that led to his downfall this is the reason why the then british prime minister had the odyssey of telling the heads of state at the commonwealth conference meeting in singapore that some of them

Who were making good speeches would not make it back to their countries the prime minister was referring to dr milton about it after taking over amin was later hosted by the queen of britain at birmingham palace and his official pilot was a colonel in the israel army

He is on record that a man did not make any political reforms he brought back a cabaca montessa’s body in a gesture that opened a pandora box on about his body record amongst the baganda his intention was to use it against the remnants of kabakahika group who were demanding for

The restoration of kingdoms the economy i mean wanted to employ adolf hitler’s policy of grabbing property from foreigners and giving it to indigenous citizens hitler had grabbed the property belonging to the jews and given it to germanism i in a similar manner i mean expelled indians which was actually political blunder

Because it could have easily turned into catastrophe if every country whose economy was dominated by foreigners was to adopt the same policy this is why the economic war failed the economy went into runes and speculation on borders and smuggling of goods intestified constantis commerce scandals on the tanzania uganda border

Gave i mean sleepless nights and all efforts to harmonize the relationship between the two countries failed faced with this situation amin committed several other blunders embarked on a plan to islamize uganda and switched a legend from america and europe to arabs this sparked hostility between his government and the christians

What followed was the brutality and the extrajudicial killings in the country had never the country had never witnessed before means benchmen started killing everyone they perceived as an enemy of the state at the wheel at their will nambole and naman the area were quickly turned into a dumping site

For dead bodies this is the time when prominent ugandans including chief justice bendik touch one commit their death while many others fled into exile as you have observed leaders often fight imaginary enemies leaving their real enemies out instead of restoring peace and stopping the wanton killings that

Were going on in uganda it i mean invaded eventually brought his downfall i’m not intending to waste time and space analyzing the opportunity to regime because i have seen several i alluded to this in my books however to sum it up robert also wrongly believed that europe

Seven was his enemy which was not true musseville did not direct the u n r a government to kill people and neither had he a hand in internal divisions within upc which eventually led to his downfall massacre in actually a wealth of evidence against upc or what atrocities in louisville triangle since

1986 when the nera stormed the campa and took over power there have been persistent accusations we should count accusations as to who is responsible for the thousands of civilians who perished in this bloody struggle the opponents of government have always put the blame on the nra headed by president eureka gupta 7

However there is a wealth of evidence to implicate the then government troops the uganda national liberation army unlea and their commander in chief the late doctor apollo militia nobody in this book i have violated a number of incidences which can help the reader to make a sober judgment um okay it is needed The president of the united states what happened as uganda was terrible ugandans were celebrating independence kakunga was the first ugandan to go into existence any independence resigned his nomination and it’s over to go this is how he went to parliament government foreign who arrived with the mango people and

Other people in the government in 66 to topple but the money he trusted he directed his hatred to kakung but the man who tried to from government in 1964 where was the minister of information facts it was a mission there is no dictator wants to share problems with strong institutions

This is what i already explained uganda you must understand uganda see china we have to share power we have created the several rovers you know when i hear people calling himself an indicator i refer to them there is no dictator who can create several layers of authority see these are layers of authority

Disputed cancers it means if you want to pass anything you must be persuasive they are your enemies and they end up fighting none enemies quite intelligent the people were killing ugandans during i mean his time had not come from tanzania we are not sent by here but i mean it was the priority

And the opportunity he showed that to the people we are undermining him we are mean we are waiting he did not and Eventually i mean attack tanzania come to a better too or better spend much of his time talking about himself he was brought by it by himself the architecture approaches against him was standing with them come to myself in it now number seven spend much of his time on the money on the book

But those are creating trouble okay but that is the essence what i started i wanted to write and if the readers going to get the actual intelligence they end up with being miscellaneous in the name of seven who goes 19 billion this case has received international attention and the

President is interested in it know kamehameha was in front of akula but when he has killers fired the jacuzzis cross fire back did they upload this course fire back immediately how what was needed was construction to divert the attention justice people are seeing it government is changing because you will receive munitions

With people who have evidence to be in foreign Foreign um I wanted to maintain my private work Did we what did we discuss we just exchanged reaching is with those people nothing happened and nothing will change on the ground foreign i told you it is unique in uganda in many cases members of first families are standing by the population but in uganda if the two of them can come let

Them come and just touch each other yes yes They are encouraging me

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