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Tamar Braxton Gets Engaged To JR Robinson For A Second Time


Tamar Braxton is proving that the saying second times the charm holds true in matters of the heart at 46 she joyously accepted a Christmas Day proposal from Jeremy Jr Robinson marking their engagement round two this romantic twist comes hot on the heels of a recent reconciliation following the Duo’s

Decision to call off their initial engagement in October Braxton took to Instagram to share the heartfelt moment with her followers posting two videos capturing Robinson swo worthy proposal in the caption she opened up about the roller coaster journey of their relationship stating 3 months ago we

Thought we hated each other and we were completely OV she went on to reveal the Catalyst for their turnaround a simple football game box gifted on Robinson’s birthday and a brutally honest conversation that reshaped their path however Braxton didn’t shy away from addressing the inevitable questions and criticisms that might come their way

In her signature candid Style she declared so the truth is we don’t care if anyone disagrees with it we choose to love each other o u l UD and proud because we found something worth fighting for and forgiving each other for every day in front and behind the

Scenes her message was a testament to the strength of their bond emphasizing that their love transcends external opinions Tamar Braxton is proud to be engaged braxon concluded her Instagram post with a heartfelt shout out to her fiance writing a rare breed Nola I love you with my entire heart and from now on

Our troubles are Miles Away round pushpin Sparkles I’m having myself a Merry Little Christmas now Red Heart sparkles. Robinson reciprocated the love in the comments stating I love you beyond life and back at Tamar Braxton the engagement videos showcased The Love and War singer in festive Christmas pajamas experiencing a mix of

Shock and amazement as she explored the contents of a small blue ring box the second clip captured Robinson on one me sliding a sizable diamond ring onto Braxton’s finger sealing their renewed commitment Braxton’s celebrity friends flooded the comment section showering the couple with messages of love and congratulations the engagement not only

Signifies a romantic reunion but also serves as a testament to the power of love forgiveness and choosing to boldly celebrate it regardless of external judgments social media onlookers also shared their sentiments and wished the two a happy fure

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