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Taylor Swift and Matty Healy are ‘madly in love


Taylor Swift’s new lover is reportedly The 1975 frontman Maddie Healy Swift 33 and Healy 34 are allegedly madly in love with each other so much so that they’re ready to go public at Swift’s upcoming Nashville tour stop a source claiming to be close to the singer told the sun on

Wednesday the post has contacted Reps for Swift and Healy for comment it’s super early days but it feels right they first dated very briefly almost 10 years ago but timings just didn’t work out the source claimed in fact page six once reported that the 1975’s 2016 song

A change of heart may be about Swift this rumored new romance comes weeks after news of Swift and her boyfriend of six years actor Joe Alwyn 32 breaking up Taylor and Joe actually split up back in February so there was absolutely no crossover the sun quoted its unidentified Source though we are never

Ever getting back together songstress is traveling the us on her Iris tour while the 1975 are in between legs of the at their very best tour both Maddie and Taylor have been touring over the past few weeks so it’s been a lot of face timing and texting but she cannot wait

To see him again the source told the Sun but has two International Mega Stars they understand the pressures of one another’s jobs better than anyone and are incredibly supportive of their respective careers unlike Swift and alwyn’s top secret Union fans even thought they were married at one point the sun is

Reporting this relationship May unfold in the public eye the sun Source explained they are both massively proud and excited about this relationship and unlike Taylor’s last one which was very much kept out of the spotlight deliberately she wants to own this romance and not hide it away

Taylor just wants to live her life and be happy she’s told Pals Maddie is flying to Nashville over the weekend to support her on the next leg of her tour the source added Swift will perform in Nashville at Nissan Stadium from May 5th to 7th interestingly enough Swift

Performed her song anti-hero live for the first time as well as a cover of the 1975 song the city at the band’s London concert in January the I’m in Love with You singer who has a tradition of kissing fans during the show told the audience that he would not be smooching anyone in

Swift’s presence I’m not kissing anybody in front of Taylor Swift have some respect Healy firmly stated in front of the queen it’s not happening

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