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Taylor Swift Fans Donate THOUSANDS To man killed after Taylor Swift concert


Taylor Swift fans have raised more than one hundred thousand dollars eighty thousand pounds to help the family of a man who was killed on his way home from one of her concerts in Houston last week Jacob Lewis was killed by an alleged drunk driver after a fatal Hit and Run

The 20-year-old and his sister April Bancroft were driving back from Taylor’s era’s tour at the ngrg stadium in Houston on Saturday when their car stalled on the Southwest Freeway according to police Jacob stepped out of the car and started to push the vehicle from behind while April sat behind the wheel

34-year-old Alan Hayes then allegedly drove into Jacob and a car behind April who suffered minor injuries rushed to her brother and called Emergency Services following the horrific crash Jacob was tragically pronounced dead at the scene as the suspect drove off in a black Volkswagen Beetle a fundraiser has since been set up to

Support his family which hopes to honor the memory of Jacob by raising money for flowers and funeral costs it was launched with a goal of 75 000 sixty thousand pounds but has already exceeded that figure in the two days since it was set up on fundraising platform GoFundMe

At the time of writing the campaign has raised 126 0006 101 069 pounds through more than 8 000 donations April has opened up about the tragic incident and told ABC 13. I immediately ran to him and called 9-1-1 and that was it Mr Hayes was seen exiting his car and

Then running on foot from the highway but was quickly apprehended by officers he is currently on a 90 000 Bond and has been charged with failure to stop and render Aid and driving while intoxicated April said she’s glad the suspect is currently Behind Bars she also revealed she wants to remember

The last moments with her brother singing along to Taylor Swift songs rather than the horrific crash she said knowing we had that experience as our last memory is something wonderful to hold on to and I will forever a number of people have donated 13 10 pounds to the fundraising campaign in

Honor of Taylor’s favorite number some fans shared lyrics from her songs when they donated including a line from bigger than the whole sky in which Taylor sings you were bigger than the whole Sky you were more than just a short time it wasn’t just lyrics shared on the page

With other fans writing messages directed towards Jacob and his family one wrote your Swifty family will never ever forget you another said IP singing all the Taylor songs for you today whilst another wrote so thankful that the Swifty Community is coming together for this family all my love

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