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The Game Is Proud Jay Z Dissed Him In Freestyle


During a recent interview with Vlad TV the game spoke about dissing other rappers in his music DJ Vlad asked him about his the documentary track Westside Story which was rumored to contain shots at Jay-Z he took the opportunity to clarify his line and I don’t do button-up shirts

Or drive May boox revealing that it was actually a dig at jaw rule he was working with 50 Cent at the time who had beef with J Ru the game later shared his thoughts on Jay-Z seemingly dissing him on his freestyle with funk Flex if Jay-Z even says your name once he explained

You should feel proud the game went on describing why getting called out by a major artist Like Jay-Z is an honor you scratched the surface with one of the best hip-hop artists of our time he said I think he has a lot of respect for me I

Definitely got a lot of respect for him the game on Jay-Z dissing him it was never really No Malice it was more A hip-hop thing he continued he was the top dog and I tend to do that the game then recalled dissing Eminem on his last

Album because of his falling out with Dr Dre Dr Dre can’t outra me so I just went at M he shared that’s just how I get sometimes but it’s always competitive he later discussed his response to Jay-Z on my be asteris TCH claiming that The Rock Nation founder

Took all that sh asterisk te to Heart according to him he he’s not sure whether or not he’s been forgiven since but assumes that all is well between them nowadays I just haven’t crossed paths with HOV in a minute he added what do you think of the game claiming to feel

Proud that Jay-Z dissed him share your thoughts in the comments section d

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