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The government has amended the bill of merging its agencies and ministries


The government of Uganda is again returning to parliament various bills, with the aim of merging some of its agencies, with the aim of reducing expenditure. Every bill relating to an agency that the government wants to merge or abolish, each presented is independent and merge in the process as it had done in the past.
Similarly, each of these bills is accompanied by a certificate of financial implication from the Ministry of Finance and National Planning. Initially, the government had taken a single certificate combining all the bills ,but parliament rejected it.
The amendments to the bills that have been submitted include the one establishing the Non Governmental Organization, the Ware House Receipts System and the Children’s Act establishing the Children’s Agency.Others include the establishment of the Uganda Coffee development Authority , the establishment of the Cotton Development Authority , the establishment of the Dairy Development Authority and the NAADS Act among others.
Cabinet Minister Henry Musaasizi told parliament that a certificate of Financial Implication has been brought on the bills, which explains all the details parliament hadhe wondered at first. The bills,have been sent to various parliamentary committees for consideration.


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